Monday, December 17, 2012

There have been too many....................

There are moments so engraved on your mind that no matter how hard you try ............ you can never forget.

Where were you when you heard?

Where were you when you heard that President Kennedy was shot?

Where were you when you heard about Martin Luther King?

Bobby Kennedy?

Kent State?

John Lennon?

President Reagan?

Oklahoma City?



Virginia Tech?

Northern Illinois University?

A mall in Omaha?

A grocery store parking lot in Tuscon?

A theater in Aurora?

A temple in Milwaukee?

A mall in Portland?

So many .... there are so many schools that I have forgotten the names ... I have forgotten the places.  But not the shock.  The horror.  The acknowledgement that evil can be inflicted on so many innocent people.

And Friday ..... there was another.

Sandy Hook.

Some were killed with handguns.  Some with rifles. Others with fertilizer bombs and airplanes.

But .... assault weapons with large clips of ammunition have become too common.

And I know .... you will say.... guns don't kill people, people kill people.  And you will be right.

We talk about screenings and gun permits.  Lately, these weapons have been bought and registered legally.

We talk about the mentally ill ............ unfortunately, mental illness is often diagnosed after the fact.

Until then .... they are just odd.  Peculiar.  Different.

We used to know who they were.  They were talking to themselves in the grocery store.  Now that is half the population ... just using their blue tooth!!!!

But maybe the time has come to talk about assault weapons and mega-rounds of ammunition.  Because I haven't quite figured out why you need a 30 round clip to kill deer.

It won't be the answer........... but it may be one of many.

Until then ...... we are saying too many prayers.  Too many vigils.  For too many innocent people.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Just like Grandma!"

Several people have been contacting me to purchase and ship items for Christmas.  I have thought about opening an Etsy site but another site/page/listing to keep up-to-date is mind-boggling at this very moment.

So I have started a new page on the blog .... called Just like Grandma!

I will keep it updated daily through Christmas.  After that .... it may be a crap shoot.  (Hey!!  I'm just being honest here!!!)

So browse through if you like.  Drop me an email if you really like it.  And we can go from there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


There are moments when you are working on a project and you suddenly go ...................hmmmmmmm?

You can be working along.

Everything is going perfect.

You are in love with the progress and the direction  the project is going.

And then comes .................... hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

I am there.

Too little .........not good. 

Too much .......worse!!!!!

I am excited.  I am doing embroidered aprons.  They are pre-made aprons that I am .......... for lack of a better hip-cool-word ..............up-cycling.

OK ..... maybe not up-cycling.  But trying to make it better.

The ties are hideous, cheap,  stretchy  cord that I am replacing with pale blue grosgrain ribbon. 

Then I started embroidering.

I did a mix of stem stitch, satin stitch and back stitch.

The more I look at this .... the cherry needs to be satin stitch.  Out it goes!!!!

And added beads............

And a few more beads.

A little sparkly floss.

And now I think.

Does it need more??? 

Or do I stop here???

Do I add lace at the hem????

Or do I cut off 6" and make a pocket???

Do I embroider another tiny heart at the hem???