Friday, November 22, 2013

The day we met evil .........

I grew up in a small town.

We would walk to school.  We would pack a lunch and ride off on our bicycles with the caution from our parents, Be careful and be home for supper.   We played outside until dark.

We had a soda fountain in drug store where you could get a Green River or a Cherry Beer ....... and charge it if it was OK with your parents. 

There were dogs that everyone knew their name as they wandered from school to the post office to the elevator.

You knew what time it was by whose car was parked in front of the coffee shop.

And we still had telephone operators named Rachel and Phoebe.

Our mothers wore skirts and dresses .... if they had pants on, they were deep cleaning the house.

It was Norman Rockwell and Leave-it-to-Beaver and Little House on the Prairie ....rolled into one.

And on a rainy Friday in November .... we learned there was evil in the world.

I was sitting in Amy Leif's fourth grade class.  Mr. Miller, our unit superintendent, walked into the room and spoke quietly to Mrs. Leif.  Nothing was said to us but I think we were dismissed from school early.

My Dad picked up my brother, sister and my best friend Nancy  from school.  Not unusual but not an every day affair.

Dad told us about the assassination of President Kennedy. 

I'm not sure if I had ever heard the word assassinate before.

And for the next three days ... we sat in front of the television ... scared and scarred.  We watched Mrs. Kennedy stand by Lyndon Johnson in her blood stained pink suit as he took the oath of office.  We watched a nation cry as they walked past the casket in the Capitol.  We saw Lee Harvey Oswald murdered on live tv.  We saw a rider-less horse walk through the streets of Washington.  And we cried as small John-John saluted his father's casket as it went by.

That act of a 24 year old lone gunman ... changed a generation. 

We were no longer innocent. 
We were hurt. 
We were harden.

We would ask .... Where were you when you learned the news? 

It was almost like asking What is your sign?

It was THE pivotal moment of our lives.

I heard someone ask.... Why are we re-hashing the Kennedy assassination again?

Because 50 years ago, there was a little girl that sat in Amy Leif's fourth grade class and she is still in tears.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Knit one .. and another .. and another ..another.

Wow.  It has been a busy week.

This week I taught three classes ... Sewing for Beginners, Scrappy Scarves to knit and Breakfast Made Easy.  I feel like I am juggling! 

I am still not sure how many different balls I can keep up in the air ....

I guess I will learn after I start dropping some!!!

But the one sure thing .... it is fall and I will continue to knit.

So here are this week's knitting projects.

Four mobius were twisted into shape.

Long  .. 2 shades of blue wool blended with a kid mohair and silk yarn.

This one is LUSCIOUS!  Wool, mohair and silk handpainted yarn blended with a kid mohair and silk yarn.
Lots of  beautiful soft color when you look closely.  Lavender, blue, mint green and yellow.

And a wool with a little acrylic blend.  Really soft and fun ...

So ... that's the mobius scarves that were knit this week.

Oh -- I said four???  I made one for myself.  I have hid it.  It is mine. 

Mine! Mine! All mine!


Then there were the infamous scrappy scarves .... I was trying to clean out some stash to I can really justify my expenditure at Knit and Knot.    

OK -- I was just trying to find some room to store it!!!!

This is the camo scarf ... so you can hide in plain sight.  Lots of handspun yarn ... silk, alpaca and wool with a little mohair for the fuzzy factor.

And another ......


This is the scarf I made during the scrappy scarf class .... yellow, lavender, white, blue with just a touch of green.

All of these scarves are over 6' long without fringe ... they fold and wrap beautifully.  

Can you tell I live in a cold old farmhouse???

I really liked the bow tie scarves ... so I made two more this week.

I sold the bright colored wool one.  I had enough yarn, I made another one.

And this teal heather wool is really pretty, too.  (I could have straighten the tie out a little better!!!)

Now .. I know you think I sit on my butt all day and knit.


Sometimes, I sit on my butt and spin.

Can you tell what roving I bought on a cloudy day???????????????

That's all that is new from the Summer Kitchen today.  

Stop in .. say hey!!  We are open every Friday from 10-3.  And you can always drop me a note ... if we are home, we can be open!

And now .... back to my knitting addiction.

I hear there is no cure for that one!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cautiously Optimistic!

Seventeen years ago, I moved into this house.

Our living room was a magnificent space with a bay window, lots of natural light, great size, beautiful molding and a fabulous door.

But it was all covered up.

The first thing I did was rip the pink carpeting off the floor.

Then I looked at the walls. I hated the "country -blue, 1980, heart-laden, looking-for-geese" wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the plaster had/has serious problems and has to be replaced.  But that was the issue in several rooms and there were more pressing problems.  So the living room repair/ redecorating  got placed on the "infamous" back-burner.

And the "country-blue, 1980, heart-laden, looking-for-geese" wallpaper still lives my living room.


I've learned to ignore the blue wallpaper and decorated the furniture in colors that I wanted.

But its tough to ignore the falling plaster and buckets sitting on the floor ....... trying to catch the rainfall.

Now -- the bucket brigade does not come out every rainfall. No -- just heavy rainfalls or when there is a driving rain from the east.

We thought it was the roof on the bay window.

We replaced the roof ......... and  it still leaked.

We thought it was problems with the windows in the master bedroom.

We repaired those ....... and it still leaked.

We found a rusted piece of flashing full of holes.

We replaced that .......... and it still leaked.

And now ... we replaced the tar paper and siding on the east side of the house.

Two rainfalls later ...... no buckets!!!!!

Yes .... the indoor living room  shower seems to be turned off.

We will let the wallpaper live through the rainy season of April and May .......... just to be sure.

But I sure do have my hopes up!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Black Tie Affair .............

Every so often ..... a beautifully engraved envelope will arrive in the mail.  It will be an invitation to a charity gala.

Hosted by people with names like J.D. Rockefeller or Thurston Howell III, I always wonder how they got our name on the list.  Cuz obviously, we have never met these people!!!

And always .... we turn down the invitation.

I am certain it is not because of the $500 a plate donation that put my seats in the very back corner of the room.

It's not because two plates of food would equal the sum our electric, propane, insurance, phone bills and groceries for a month!  

(There were less expensive tables but they were next to the ladies restroom and had the caveat of handing out guest towels to the patrons.   I would get to keep the tips, though! )


I don't have a black tie.

Until now.

Black merino - cashmere blend ....... with sequins.  Itty bitty tiny sparkly sequins.


Can I wear Rider jeans with that or do I have to splurge on Levis???

And do you know where I can buy a pair of high heel Crocs???

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Burnt fingers...........

If you drive by our house and you see smoke rising out of the family room ..... before you call 911 ..... stop and see if I am knitting.

I swear I could start a fire with my knitting needles.

Except they are my really pretty walnut ones and I would hate to lose those!!!

Since last Thursday .... I have started and completed the following projects.

This is a new mitt pattern.  I love doing moss stitch ... I think it is so simple and classy.  The ones on the right were knit to gauge according to the pattern.  But they are large.  For the green wool mitts, I went down 2 needle sizes and  went to DK weight yarn.  They fit me nicely.

I spun, plied and set the twist for  five skeins of yarn.

I knit this single twist teal mobius of hand-painted wool and a mohair blend. 

This scrappy scarf has a lot pinks, cranberry and blue running through it.

This is a super long fan and feather scarf that can be doubled and pulled through nicely.  It looks great with a camel wool coat!!!

And finally, this is an bow tie scarf that some one asked about. OK! She pinned it on my Pinterest board and tagged her knitting friends!!!  (yea ..... that was subtle!)

So I had to do a test run on the pattern.  It's really cute and I am almost done with another one.  Yea ... you always make a few alterations.  And a few more will be coming.

Not bad for 5 days work!!!!

So if you see smoke .... stop by.  Check and see if I am OK.

And save my walnut knitting needles!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wanting a little political correctness here!

Every year I go through this!!  And I am fed up!!

We have politically corrected our vocabulary and our lives to death ......... EXCEPT in this one little area!!

And it is time for some one to stand up and change this!!!

Every Halloween the same lack of respect happens again and again.

The same image .... over and over and over.

Like Janet Leigh screaming in the shower.

Do you ever see a haunted Craftsman Bungalow???

Do you ever see a Georgian home with dead tree branches eerily scraping across the shingle-less roof??

Where is the three bedroom ranch with finished basement with shutters falling off their hinges???

Do images of Florida beach side condos show up on cards, television, horror movies??

Is there a full moon peaking over a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, brick front McMansion on a suburban cul-de-sac??


When they show a spooky, haunted house on Halloween, what do you see????

An old, lone, Victorian house on a hill ........ desperately crying out for paint.


Like this one.

Get my point???