Cooking .... Cooking .... Cooking

In the past six weeks, I have fixed more meals than I ever have in my entire life! Which is a LONG time.

We have eaten out once since September 24. It has been great on the budget but it's been really hard on my struggling mealtime creativity. 

The other thing .... we were simple breakfast people. A cup of coffee and a piece of toast.  Maybe a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. AND we each took care of ourselves. 

Times have changed. 

Honey needs lots of protein and we want him to put on a litte weight. So breakfast has become a much bigger deal. 

There is another issue. 

Cooking for two people ... three meals a day ... is HARD! 

My fridge is full of leftovers that I am trying to use up in new ways. Yes .... lots of extras have been frozen for future meals but there are still leftovers. 

Today... it was taco filling. I had used 1/2 pound of ground beef, pinto beans, a small diced potato, green chilies, hominy and herb-seasoned (Mexican) tomatoes.  We used street taco tortillas... they were delish!

But I made enough to feed the masses. 

So ... for breakfast for Honey ... the taco filling became a hash replacement. Topped with cheese and jalapenos .... there are 3 good protein sources already. (Ground beef, pinto beans and cheese) 

But like every super cool restaurant ... I topped it with a fried egg. And some Sriracha sauce ... to heat things up!

Honey liked it and ate it up!

Which is a good thing cuz I am certain this over-cooking event will happen again ... soon. Have you seen me make spaghetti sauce???

You can tell me to buy a "Cooking for Two" cookbook .... but I will still throw everything into the pot! Besides, I own two of those books. 

Until I learn balance (HA!!!) .... I will share my sort-of creative struggle to use the leftovers. 

As I tell Honey ... you might have to deal with it.  Cuz I am dealing with it .... and we all know how I handle things!!

Stay tuned ... I promise the next blog won't be about food. 😊


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