The Corn-zebo

..........and what to do with it!

At Miss Effie's is a 1946 Behlen corn-crib that has been converted to the infamous corn-zebo!  Sited with the most spectacular view of the Iowa countryside, the corn-zebo magically invites you to sit and relax.

The search for the perfect corn-crib took quite sometime.  Corn cribs have not been used for several decades.  Originally, corn was picked on the ear ... by hand... and stored in a log or wooden crib with slats for air circulation.  After World War II, metal corn-cribs were commonly used.  It was a metal corn crib that Miss Effie started searching for.

The search took several years.  First of all, there had to be a corn crib!  Most corn cribs have been torn down and sold for scrap as they are just another building being taxed on a farm.

Metal roof and the chandelier in the Corn-zebo

Secondly, the corn-crib had to be complete.  A missing roof wouldn't keep you dry and the chances of finding another to complete or repair a roof ........... well, I would have better chances with the Powerball!!!  Yea .... I'll still be here tomorrow.

Another problem was the location.  If it was too far away, we couldn't transport it.  We moved its pieces on a hay rack pulled by a tractor.  We had to go slow so the corn-crib wouldn't become metal debris by the side of the road!  We also had to be able to get to it....... we saw several that it was no longer possible to get a truck and a tractor into the location to work on it.  And trust me, you don't want to portage a corn-crib through an old hay field... piece by piece!!!

Finally, it had to be available for sale.  You would think that would be the easy part.  Well, you would be .... wrong!!  No ... if someone still had a corn crib.. there was a reason.  The number one reason .... old farmer reasoning ........ I might need it some day.  As an old farmer myself......... I can't fight that one!!!!

Finally we found the perfect corn crib ... for free.  Yep. I was happy!!

Tea party!

So now .... what can you do with it?

We regularly rent the corn-zebo out for private parties.  Whether its your book club, sorority, girls-night-out, bridal shower or wine club (suddenly! I will belong to a new wine club!!) --- the corn-zebo can be a fun place for 10-18 people to meet and eat!

You are also welcome to use the corn-zebo for picnics on the farm.  If we are open for cutting, you may use the corn-zebo for no charge.  Bring your lunch and enjoy our Grant Wood Landscape.  If the corn-zebo has been reserved.... you may use the little gazebo or the lath house for your picnic destination!

Cost .... Yea, sometimes there are costs!!

Private rental of the corn-zebo (daytime) ... $25.00

Private rental of the corn-zebo (evening) ... $30.00

Freshly pressed vintage linens .................... $7.50 (5 tables) $1.00 for each additional table cloth

Hand-pressed vintage napkins for up to 20 people .... $1.00/ person

Table setting .. vintage dishes, thrift store glasses ..... $1.50/person

Please note ... the vintage linens may have tears, small holes and stains.  The vintage dishes may have small chips.  It is part of the appeal of the corn-zebo and our lifestyle.  I hope you enjoy it!

Please book your party now!

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