Field trips

Cider pressing .. October 2008 .. Pioneer Village at Scott County Park
I love having field trips here on the farm.  Whether it is a garden club or school group, the farm lights up when groups are here.  We can create a field trip to your specifications.... maybe a tour of the cutting gardens in summer or a cider pressing in the fall.

However, the extra-liability issues that occur with groups has forced us to implement the following policies.  Use of the corn-zebo is included with the fees for the tour or field trip.

Trinity art and science class .. September  2010

Thank you soooooo much for this wonderful day!! We will be seeing you again VERY soon!! I can't even put into words what an amazing day we had!!

School - youth organizations - home-school field trips              

Children 2 and under
Pre-school children ......... $3.00 (3-5 years of age)
All school age children..... $5.00
Adults ............................ $5.00

One teacher or leader is free per 15 children.  All other adults and additional children will be charged.

Trinity art and science class - September 2010

Garden clubs and other adult tours

Adults .. $5 per person to a maximum of $50

All school and youth groups will receive snacks and a beverage.  Snacks during adult tours are at the discretion of Miss Effie!! Depends on her energy level on that particular day! 

We often donate our time, talents and energies to causes and groups that we love. There will be no charge for some groups and some events.  Those decisions will be made at the discretion of the management.  (Hey!! That's me!!!)

We want your time at Miss Effie's to be fun.  Please realize that although this is our business, it is also our home. Many of our pets love your attention ... but others, just like Greta Garbo ... just want to be left alone!! Please respect their wishes.

We ask that you come dressed for the weather.  Often the grass is damp early  in the morning.

The air temperature may be cooler here (particularly early or late in the season) than it is in town.  A jacket or sweater may be needed.  As this is a working farm, not a botanical garden, the ground and the gardens are not perfectly smooth .... flip flops are never appropriate. Please wear sturdy shoes for your safety and comfort.

Please contact us for your next event.

We hope to see you soon.

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