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Winter projects, summer dreams

Most of our friends do their decorating/remodeling projects in the summer.

Ahhh ... but as you know, we don't work that way.

The list is really really long this year.
REALLY long.

The first job to do/finish is the tv room decorating project.

Really early last spring, we had some foundation work done on the house. The 120 year old sill was twisting and rolling away from the house. Which created some interesting photos that I am certain my insurance agent doesn't want to see!

Bottom line, we had to pull up the carpet, part of the subfloor and remove some drywall to do the repair.

Now it is time to put everything back together.

Vinyl abestos tile was under the carpet with several plywood patches from old floor registers. I knew I couldn't handle looking at brown and tan tile for several months.

Fortunately, I had bought an area rug for the living room and had it stored upstairs.

It fits perfectly!!!
So instead of carpet ... hardwood flooring will go directly over the old floor…

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