Monday, October 27, 2014

I just need a little more time!!

There are not enough hours in a day for me!


I am not getting everything done that I would like to in one day!  But I do make a good effort so I should at least get credit for that.  I want credit for trying!

Yea ... I never heard an instructor say yes to that either.  ;)

Today ... I begin a week of really tough teaching.  OK ... not tough because it is difficult.  It's not tough because I LOVE the subjects.

It is tough because I am teaching 4 classes this week.

Next week, it could be five!

This week .... I am teaching two beginning sewing classes .... one class has 10 students!  Tonight ... I start a six-week series on Interior Design and your home.  And Wednesday, I teach a soup class that the last time I checked had 17 students.... which is really close to a sardine-packed class.

So who and why was there a crazy woman in my house that insisted on saying yes?


Pure and simple greed.

OK ... maybe not greed.  But I want this ceiling.

And this sink.

And maybe this dishwasher.

And since the kitchen fairy hasn't fluttered by my house and dropped off loads of cash ......... I need to work.

And work harder.

And teach.  And teach some more.

And sell this cute little tea towel.

The Summer Kitchen .... open every Friday from 9 to 3.  Other times, by appointment!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Boot Scootin'

I love a good pair of boots.

I love cowboy boots, dress boots, shiny rain boots and even, muck boots! 

I love the "click, click, click" sound that high heeled boots make on a hard surface. 

And the power walk that can only come from an awesome pair of cowboy boots!!  Yea ... don't mess with a gal in cowboy boots!  (Hey!  I grew up in New Windsor! We can wear cowboy boots with the best of them!)

So its just natural that I would fall in love with boot cuffs.


They are just soooo cute. 

Colorful ribbed wool with a great picot cast-off to give them a ruffled edge when they are folded over the boots.

So I have been knitting like a mad woman.  (Not a far stretch at all, is it??)

Here are a couple of pairs that I have gotten done for the Summer Kitchen.

This is a pair of rustically spun Corridale wool ... nice thick, chunky cables to peak from the boot tops.   

This dark mossy green is a fairly long pair.  It does not turn down over the top of the boot .... but the cable-rib pattern is fabulous and may be perfect when paired with something dressier.  Like a skirt or dress pants.

100% Merino Super Wash wool for easy care

And finally .... these might be my favorite.


Until I knit another pair.   ;)

I love the reversible nature of these blue chunky wool boot cuffs.

100% wool ..... chunky knit.

You can turn the seed stitch side down .... like I did in this photo.  Or you can turn down the ribbed side.  It is seed stitch rib called the farrow stitch. 

I can just see these with a pair of jeans and dark brown leather riding boots.

There will be more heading to the Summer Kitchen .....

Or my closet.  

I'm not sure which.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


They say it is cold and flu season.  They being the media .... and the drugstores that advertise flu shots.

It is pretty rare that Honey or I have a cold.  Basically .... our un-heated upstairs scares the bejezzes out of germs so they don't seem to bother us. 


I don't think the germs like the cold.

But I do occasionally sneeze uncontrollably .... so I reach for my wadded tissue in the bottom of my purse.

Well .... I used to.

Now I reach for this ...........

 Or this ...

 Or this ...

Or this ....

Or maybe .........

I had waaaaaayyyy too much fun sewing these. 

Seam binding ... baby rick rack ... tatted edging.  These are lined ... sometimes with contrasting fabric.

Oh .... yea!!!  I had fun.

So much fun .... I just might want to catch a cold.

OK .... maybe not!