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Want a Cracker?

A while back, I had a request for a cracker class.

I dug up a couple of my favorite recipes and spent some time researching other recipes.

One recipe I found was for Homemade Graham Crackers.

Now .. I quickly decided that a homemade graham cracker could be a winner. I mean, how could I refuse a slightly thick, slightly soft, not-so-sweet cracker? It has to be strong enough so it can be dunked in milk or coffee and not crumble. Well, until thaaaat moment ... and it is gone!!

So ... you need the recipe.
It is s'more season.

Before we start, let's talk about flour.

A grain of wheat is made of three parts .... the endosperm, the germ and the bran.

When all-purpose white flour is made, the endosperm is ground finely and the germ and bran is not used.

When whole wheat flour is made, the endosperm, germ and bran are all ground together to give a uniform texture. You can use whole wheat flour in this recipe but graham flour makes a more pleasing product.

Graham flour is a blend o…

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