Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First World Problems ...........

It would be really easy to have a pity party here today.

Last night -- a storm blew up and this was the result.


And of course, I kind of freak.   Like I should have been able to prevent this!  Now ... all in all, we had very little damage.  My huge big pots of petunias got cut back naturally and my lilies with open blossoms were deadheaded ... sort of.

The foliage on the strawflowers is a little worse for wear but you cut it all off anyway.

But no buds were damaged ... the lilies weren't flatten.  Almost all of our flowers will recover very nicely.

Yea ... it has been kind of  a tough year so far.  And I have admit.... I am glad that June is over and done. 

It has rained and rained and rained again.  The temperatures have been lovely ... if you are not a tomato or a zinnia or a sunflower and then you are craving for 85° to 90°.

Everyone wanted flowers in May ... and I didn't have them.

Now I have flowers ... and no one wants them cuz it is raining .............. again. 

So I moan and whine and complain that I don't know what I am doing.   And all the dreams that I have of a sparkling new kitchen are running down the creek with the latest thunderstorm.

I need a mule to kick me in the head!!!!

This is NOT a biggie!  This is a pain!  This is an inconvenience!  This is not working the way I wanted it to... but it is working!

Only in America, would we complain about not having a nice enough roof over our head!!!!

So this holiday weekend ..... I am going to try REALLY hard not to complain about the immense bounty of rain that we have had!  I am going to celebrate these beautiful flowers and the crisp blue sky even if it is full of clouds.

Because we are blessed...... very very blessed.

And I need to realize it and be grateful.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hurry up ... but be ready to Stop!

Years ago, I had my gallbladder removed.

It was an easy-peasy surgery for me in a surgery center.  You know .... those out-patient surgery places.  You go ...... they take out/put in/fix whatever part is necessary .... and you go home a few hours later.

Well -- I was the last surgery on a Friday morning.  I came out of anesthesia just fine ... but I was still a little nauseated and a little groggy. 

But it was Friday afternoon and everyone wanted to go home ........ so I went home.

Honey was driving  home ... on the bumpy gravel roads .... and the only thing I wanted to do was GET HOME NOW!!!!

I was still nauseated .... with a bucket....... when I said the immortal lines ..... Hurry up but be ready to stop!!

Yea .... that made no sense!

And now ........ that describes spring on the farm.

Hurry up and till!  Hurry up and plant! Hurry up and clean up!  Hurry up and weed!

But now ............... it is time to be ready to STOP!!!

Cuz .... all of our hard work is coming to a head. 

The flowers are blooming!

There are lilies E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!!!!!!


We have pink lilies and  red lilies and white lilies and orange lilies and coral lilies and yellow lilies. 

If you can't find a lily you like .................. you just don't like lilies!!!!

But then ... we have Black-eyed Susans .................

And daisies.  ;)

And so much more with sooooo much more to come!

So hurry up ................ come on and see me. 

But be ready to stop .............. cuz hangin' at Miss Eff's is all about slowing down!!

You can do it ............. I know you can!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Morning Mugginess .......

Oh my.

It is June 22nd ....... the first full day of Summer and it feels every minute of that! 

The forecast is for 90 degrees and I am certain we have 90% humidity! 

If I had naturally curly hair ... it would be curly-curly-curly!    Instead ... my thick, heavy hair is plastered to my head and weights on my forehead.

The humidity hangs in the house .... and although there is a lovely west breeze .... I get a steam bath just walking to the kitchen for my third cup of coffee.   A pore-opening facial is possible while strolling through the gardens.

It is this heat and humidity that makes my favorite flowers grow.  And, according to my customer Dawn,  gardens aren't made from sitting in the shade!

But sweating is in my job description, not yours.

And it is why .... we are doing what we can to make your visit more relaxing.

Honey had been listening to the Summer Kitchen when it whined and complained about wanting a larger porch.  It had a small stoop ... and it was always in the plans to do something different ... but now was the time.

Now it has a nice large porch with two Leopold benches.  Perfect for sitting or setting down that bucket of freshly picked flowers.

I've been trying to work on the corn-zebo.  It is not where I want it to be yet.

I need to re-cover the cushions on the sofa .... and I need two Westport chairs. 

This Mandevilla is slowly climbing up the trellis and the walls of the corn-zebo.  There is a fabulous gardenia that scents the entire area when it blooms.

Honey and I have been talking ............ and talking ........... and talking.

We are trying to come up with more and more ways to make your visit to Miss Eff's comfortable and inviting.

More gardens.

More flowers.

More park-like.

In a farm-y kind of way. 

After all ..... we want to give you something to crow about.