Sunday, March 1, 2015

Since last we talked ...........

I have become totally winter weary.

I am soooo over it.

And I soooo want to see spring.

Nineteen days.  They say I only have to wait nineteen days.  It seems like an eternity.

There used to be a garden behind this gate.  It will be a while before I can get through it to see if it still exists.

In the meantime ... I have stayed busy with classes, projects and an interview.  (More on that later)  And it has been much too cold in my office to blog!

It has been the ultimate Crafting Attention Deficient Disorder around here.  I have been bouncing from project to project.  Waaay too many ideas are coming from Pinterest and Ravelry.  The "apron idea" pins alone would complete a small novel .... if Tolstoy was writing it.  ;)

The good news .... I have completed a lot of stuff.

So now ... you get to see it all. Sit tight .... it might take a while.

And one of these days ... you will get to buy it all..... when you don't need hip boots to get through the piles of snow surrounding the Summer Kitchen!

I needed some different projects for the Summer Kitchen ..... new and fresh for spring.

These are tiny little soap sacks that will hold a large bar of soap.  I love doing popcorn stitch ... so these were fun.

This a fun, flirty hoodie-style hat.  It is knitted out of hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn that I picked up in Mineral Point.  100% wool ..... it should be super warm .... and what a neat, youthful style!

Our Christmas bazaar wiped out my supply of boot cuffs and fingerless mitts .... so I knitted these beautiful plum mitts and the brightly colored boot cuffs.  I love the ruffled picot edge of boot cuffs and the mitts have both hems edged with picot trim.  Yea .... I am hooked on that .......... for the moment!

I was low on super long, wide pastel scrappy scarves that several of my customers love.

So I made this one .....

I swear ... if spring won't come, I will just knit it!!!  I love the colors!!!

I am totally looking toward spring ... including spring cleaning.  (Anything ... I want anything that reminds me of spring!)

And ya know what a vintage/retro girl I am!

These are dishcloth dresses to hang on a bottle of dishsoap ... by your sink!

Don't ya just love the apron on this one????

And I needed more dishcloths ..... including the cow, tulips and watering can dishcloths.

This tea towel screams spring.....

And finally .......... I made the two center aprons.

I LOVE the blue, red and yellow apron with its red rick-rack trim.  I would say it is my absolute favorite EVER  but I can't get over the red and aqua.

And speaking of aprons .... that's where the interview came in.  This has been in the works since September and finally happened last Monday.

So if you missed it .... you can catch it online.  I both cooked  and sewed on air ... without spilling anything on myself OR needing to use a seam ripper. 

Miracle.  Truly a miracle!

In the meantime ..... I will be counting the days.

Nineteen .... they say nineteen more days.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Windfall ....

I think.

The other day ... while I was preparing for sewing class .... a woman came into our classroom.  She was searching for the instructor.

(That would be me!)

It turns out .... she was a former seamstress/ fabric collector/ textile hoarder!


I can pretty much swear to the fact ..... you can't be one without being another.  They all intertwine.

After I finish a class ... and I haven't turn a student into a fiber hoarder .... I am not doing my job.


So ...... she was searching for the Queen Textile Hoarder.

And she found her.

Quickly.  Maybe too quickly.

Like a dope dealer on a darken street corner ... she had me at "I've got fabric.  And there is wool!!!"

I followed her to her car to peruse through the goods ....

OK.  OK.  There was no perusing.  I wanted it all!!

I will take it!!!

And now .... the planning begins.

There are linen/linen-blends .... that may become aprons like this one.

There are wools like this fabulous 100% merino wool suiting ......... it made my heart sing.

And there are EIGHT yards of this polyester knit .... which is going to be perfect for panties!  When you drive by clotheslines in the QCA and you see underwear, slips, nighties, camis out of this fabric ..... you will know they have been in my lingerie class!!!!

It's actually much brighter than this!!

This lace will become valances for the Summer Kitchen.

And this heavy cotton home decor fabric will become accent pillows for the corn-zebo re-do.

There is more .... so very much more.  And there are patterns and trims and shoulder pads. 

But this will be my first project .....

I will make this into a spring weight hoodie.  It is a lovely printed cotton knit .... and will remind me that spring will really come. 

I guess there may be one newly reformed seamstress/textile collector/fabric hoarder out there.

But she sure enabled this one!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Getting Organized.

You know those moments.

You are suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that surrounds you.

Every where you look ....... there are piles of stuff!

Stuff here.

Stuff there.

Stuff everywhere!!

So much stuff you feel like an avalanche is coming.

And you will be buried by all that stuff!

It is time to get your stuff organized!!!

You know ...... a place for everything and everything in its place.


I think the best place for all of this stuff is Miami.