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Drifting and Bobbing ....

They say life is what happens while you are making other plans. 
All summer we schemed and talked and planned how to add more flowers to the farm. With a new greenhouse and potting shed, we would save shipping charges and be able to plant some flowers in smaller quantities. And by using cool flower planting methods, we would have more flowers earlier in the season. There would be variety. 
And then, Honey contacted pneumonia. We discovered that his lungs are weaker than we thought. There are still questions about a solid diagnosis and we are now in the hands of specialists.
All the fall plans and winter dreams went flying out the windows ... to be replaced by blood tests, scans and doctor's appointments.
He is calm, deliberate and determined to heal. 
And then there is my reaction to all of this. 
Which can only be described as "Chicken Little moves to Miss Eff's"!!!  Yikes!! 
I can tell you how I handle it .... NOT well! So not well, I ended up at Convenient Care with a pa…

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