And we begin again ... 2019

So again, I will making a few resolutions. And I can bet the farm that I will fail. But hope springs eternal and I will try again.

If nothing else ... I am stubborn.
Go figure.

Let's begin with the first one.

1) I will blog regularly. 

Okay ... my frustrations with the Gods of social media continue to soar. I love staying connected with my friends but seriously Mark Zuckerberg! The fact that I like my Cheerios soggy should not be of any interest to you. And what if I told you about sprinkling Sun-Kist raisins on my soggy Cheerios??

I would delete my FB account in a heartbeat ..... but where would I connect with you? So you will still find me there ... but hopefully I will talk here more often.

Just so you know .... the fact that this platform is owned by Google is not lost on me.

2) I will continue our journey toward a zero waste lifestyle.

Okay ... this is much harder than I thought. My goal has been to eliminate single use plastic from our life. So the bamboo toothbrush was easy.  Taking the canvas bags to the grocery store ... piece of cake! I even take my own containers for a doggie bag. We have even reduced our garbage to less than one chicken feed bag a week.

But eliminating  plastic wrap and plastics from the grocery store is so hard!

Recycling is good and we do that well. We compost everything we can. And all paper waste is shredded to go under mulch to help block weeds. But the first word in ReduceRecycleReuse is REDUCE.  And that for me is the struggle.

My next goal is the cleaning aisle. I make my own laundry soap .... which uses products that are packaged in cardboard. But floor cleaners, paper towels, window cleaner, toliet bowl cleaners ...... I have a long journey to reach sustainability there.

3) Declutter .... and declutter some more.

Honey and I came into our marriage with two households full of stuff!  We had at least two of everything.

That was one thing. But then .... we worked on his house/her house and tried to make it our house. So we added a picture here, a chair there. We gifted books to each other or additions to our hobbies.

Now .... instead of being in control of our stuff .... our stuff controls us.

And that is over .... NOW.

So I am asking this respectfully .... please, please, please do not gift anything to us without talking to us. We need nothing and my yarn/fabric/craft stash is overflowing.

Those are my goals.

Hopefully, I will meet goal number one ... and talk to you next week.
You can remind me if you would like.



Michelle said…
Oh YAY! I have missed you here (I do VERY little on FB and only do so under a pseudonym), so will look forward to more posts! I share your second and third goals, but feel the need to declutter most.

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