Hen Fight?

It's time to talk about the "girls". My chickens. Those feathered creatures that seem to live every spring in my laundry room!

Its been quite the week in the coop. Everyone has been waiting for the August issue of Radish Magazine to come out. www.radishmagazine.com

One of our girls is now a cover girl but we don't know which one it is. Yet. My Brahma here on the right was one of the finalists but I don't see her having made the cut. She is a sweet hen, lays lovely brown eggs but she is not flashy. She is the girl on the blind date with "a great personality!"

So I am trying to spread the "fame" around. I can't have all this drama in the coop so forgive me as I try to smooth some "ruffled feathers"!

As far as backyard poultry goes, roosters aren't the stars. I mean, really???? What do they do?? Ok -- they look good -- they strut -- they crow --- they do what roosters do best. But to keep the "cock of the walk" in line, I'll share a picture of him.
And here are the new members of our feathered family. Blue Orpingtons. A very rare breed of birds. They are approximately a month old and very cute. And too young to have developed egos. But they should. Currently a picture of these cuties is on display at the I Wireless Center (formerly, The Mark) in Moline. Notice -- all they care about is watching what is going on next door in the other run!!!! If you like barn yard art, check out www.trentfoltz.com

So those are some of the girls. Life is never dull with them. And to add to the confusion and drama .... another hen is featured on WQAD in a Radish promo.

The things I do to keep egg production going smoothly! After all, you don't put all your eggs in one basket!


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