Ok -- so maybe I am a little obsessive complusive!

Its summer time and the gardens and farmers' markets are overflowing with produce. For some funny reason, I think I have to can it all ......... personally. All by myself. No one else. Just me. Seriously, there will be no tomato left behind!!!

This week -- I wanted blueberries. I called my favorite produce broker and talked to him about blueberries. When I discovered that I would have to put a 2nd and maybe, a 3rd mortgage on the house to purchase them........ I moved on to other fruit!

The conversation went sort of like this......... John, I need another 50 # of peaches. Ok, Cathy, but I'll make you a great deal if you buy some strawberries.

Ahhh........ a deal!! Fans! Canners! Action! I'm thrilled .... a deal! Now, at this point, I don't care how many strawberries there are. Its a deal on something I can eat! So after John twisted my arm (yea, like that was necessary!) I came home with the following................ 40 qts of strawberries, 50# of peaches, 25# of plums and a flat of red raspberries.

So what in the world am I doing on the computer??

I got all of the strawberries in the freezer for future jam production. The plums are sparkling in their jars. They are so pretty -- I did a "raw pack" on the plums. It takes less sugar in the syrup than a "hot pack" but you don't get as many in a jar and they float to the top much easier.

Today -- I will get all the peaches done and tomorrow, I will start the raspberry jam.

No --- I have not started the bomb shelter yet. But if you need a peach-fix in January, you will know where to go. I've wasted enough time.......... back to the kitchen!


Perhaps you need help taking some of this goodness off your hands?!?!


hiccupp said…
I'm just jealous that you know a source to get 40 quarts of strawberries and 50#s of peaches.

...and that you know what to DO with them so you don't throw away 48 pounds of rotten peaches ;)

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