Our old house..........


Since this is the first entry in my blog, I feel I need to let you get the "lay of the land". The next few posts will cover the basics of our lives. First, the house.

Ok -- this is the house. Yes -- it is a little old by Midwest standards. The house was built in approximately 1892. The picture is from 1927 or so. And to tell you the truth, it looks alot like that now. Except that little building to the right of house is no longer there. Thank God! That was the outhouse.

Its a small house. A typical Classic-L Victorian farmhouse. Very typical for the 1880's and 1890's in the upper Midwest. I love it ......... and I hate it. All at the very same time. I love the coziness of the house. I love the feel of "history" of the house. I don't mind the old wood floor in the kitchen, the windows or even the hundreds of coats of paint on the millwork in the living room. I hate the fact that nothing is "standard" and every little repair takes longer than expected and costs twice as much as planned.

We have no air conditioning. Except in January and then the upstairs is nice and breezy! No heat upstairs. And yes, I have had a glass of water with a skim coat of ice. But lots of quilts and down comforters and wool blankets make it a wonderful place to snuggle with Honey. We only have one bath. And two of our bedrooms are smaller than most new walk-in closets. Let alone the fact, they don't have closets.

But the house has wonderful windows that let the sunshine pour in during the day. And the summer breezes cool the house off in the evening.

It is the perfect house to live in. It's friendly and warm and lets me enjoy my hobbies without the pressure of keeping up a "Better Homes and Gardens" home. It has a porch swing that is the perfect place to enjoy my morning cup of coffee or a cold beer in the evening. Its countertops are stained from canning pickled beets and the living room has dust bunnies of fleece form spinning yarn. And this spring, there were feathered creatures in the laundry room from April to July!

Ahh .......... the chickens. That is for another post.


hiccupp said…
First comment! woohoo! :)

I love the picture of your house! I wish we had pictures of ours, especially since it was du-plexed at one point and we're trying to figure out the original layout. Ours is 1910, so a fair bit 'younger' than yours ;)

oh but we have air :)
Corinne R. said…
What???? You have a blog? How did I miss this? Penalty for not keeping me informed will be the with holding of 2 nut rolls!
Found you from your comment on Corinne's blog. Love the farmhouse! The paternal side of my family has a century farm in Kansas with a wonderful old farmhouse. Sadly, my uncle and aunt who farm the place now have no desire to keep the old house up, and have moved to a newer home on some neighboring land they bought. I have fond memories of the old house, and wish I could win the lottery (oops, I'd have to PLAY the lottery) and move back there and restore it.

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