Addie ..............

Today, my grand-daughter was born. She was due October 25th so she came much earlier than expected. This is a letter to her...........

Dear Addie --

Hello! Let me introduce myself ..... I am your grandmother. I have no idea how to be a grandmother, so I am hoping you will teach me. We will have to talk later and you can decide what you would like to call me.

You are entering a world that is scarier than the world I came into and the world your Mother grew up in. Hopefully, we can help you feel safe and secure and at the same time, explore and learn and grow.

There are a lot of things that I will never be able to give you. But hopefully, you may enjoy the things that I can give you. We can sit under the willow tree and have tea parties with the kittens and Annabelle. We will make dolls out of hollyhocks and I can teach you about snapdragons and how they roar. You can come to the post office with me when they deliver baby chicks and you can hear them peep, peep, peep. And you can feel the warmth of a fresh egg and we will take in to the kitchen for lunch or bake a batch of cookies ............. without nuts! 'Cuz your Mom doesn't like nuts!

You can see the barn swallows feed their babies. And watch the tiger swallowtail butterflies flit from zinnia to zinnia. We will swing on the wooden swing and sit on the hill and watch the fireworks in Grand Mound.

We will sew doll clothes and knit caps. You can sit on my lap and feel the softness of the fleece as it goes through our hands. And you can fall asleep to the clack, clack, clack of the wheel going round. We will read books like your Great-Great-Grandmother's book --Pussy Meow. And we will sing every camp song I know ------ off key!

But most of all, I hope we will be friends. I don't know much about being a grandmother but I do know about being a friend. And I am hoping you will be my friend.

I love you and your Mom and your Dad.
Happy Birthday, Addie.

Your Grandmother


hiccupp said…
Dear Grandmother -

Your first official duty as said grandmother (or title yet to be decided) is to acquire photographs of said granddaughter.

Thank you
The Baby Oogling Committee

Ok really, Congratulations! How exciting! Hope everyone is doing well.

welcome miss addie, you're gonna have a blast! and congrats sarah & dad!
clink said…
Thank you, Sarah!

Picture hopefully will coming soon.

Thank you all, for your love, friendship and support. I am so blessed by my family of friends.

PS -- Hope the carding is going well.
Corinne R. said…
Hey... I want to be your grand-daughter, that sounds like so much fun....except the sitting on your lap part, that we could skip.... but the rest sounds awesome.
Seriously, you will be a great at this and Addie will be a lucky girl to have you in her life.

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