The hostage crisis continues....................

As you can tell, the hostage situation with my washer continues. We had some freedom for the clothes ............ three whole days! But today, it decided to raise its ugly terrorist head again! Is there a Gitmo for terrorist washers? Its foreign ......... wasn't its drum checked for objects of mass destruction??? And how did it get into the country with a large bottle of Tide???

This time, it chose to grab a rug and a towel -- they weren't even wet yet! The weakest items it could find! The towel is the towel of last resorts and the rug was replaced this morning at the farmer's market. It was being washed and relegated for the cats. The washer must be desperate!

I know how to run that 62 year old Voss with the floating agitator ----- Buster Bosch, you can be replaced!

OK -- lets talk about the rug that was seized. It was replaced for this!
Made locally by R & B Weavers, I bought it at the Northpark Farmers Market in Davenport. I bought two for the kitchen -- now, I wished I had bought a third. They look so nice against the old painted wood floor. These are hand woven from old pants so they are very durable. I love the browns, grays, rusty reds and creams. Bert and Ron have been family friends for decades -- if you need a wonderful locally made rug, call them at 309-667-2218.

My goal is to buy only quality local products. I am tired of the high transportation costs and the fact that so many of our nation's jobs have left for overseas. I am committed to supporting my neighbors and friends by purchasing their products ..... not those from Wal-Mart.

And in the name of self-sufficiency, these were some of yesterday's accomplishments.
A loaf of bread, 3 jars of pickled beets, and 2-1/2 quarts of dill pickles. Plus I froze 16 lbs of blueberries for muffins and cobblers and pies. Today the canning continues with glazed carrots, blueberry jam and if I get to it -- the first tomato product --pizza sauce.

And for my sheepie friend down the road --- I love the nutrolls!!!


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