I didn't know I was a survivalist!

Ok -- I get a phone call from Matt Hammill, the 6 and 10 anchor for our local ABC-affiliate.

I had heard through the grapevine (more like the Radish patch!) that he was interested in doing a segment on the "girls". I am so getting used to the "girls" getting the interview that it was no big deal. But he didn't want to talk about "just" the girls. The flowers? Not "just" the flowers. "Do I understand that you are running your own mini-survivalist camp?" Uhhhh?

Now -- I thought I was a frustrated Martha Stewart ......... an aspiring Mary Jane Butters. Not a survivalist! But I quickly learned the "outside world" considers 700 jars of home-canned food Survivalist tactics. And I thought it was the start of supper!!!

First, we took a tour of the pantry ...... the peaches and tomatoes and glazed carrots and pickled beets. Then on to the corn-zebo for spinning. Since when did spinning your own yarn and knitting your own socks become ......... Don't answer that!! I love to knit socks!

And then on to the coop. Now all this "self-sufficiency" stuff meant cleaning the kitchen, the pantry, of course, the bath, the corn-zebo and the chicken coop and runs. I had the cleanest coop and runs in the state of Iowa yesterday. Its all over with now. The poop has returned and the chickens are doing their best to mess things up. But I did document it. So here is the cleanest coop in Iowa.
Yep. There it is. Isn't that pretty? Hey!! Its a chicken coop, not Martha's Palais de Poulet!
And there are the very happy girls, enjoying nice fresh grass in the run. It will make great compost later. But one good rain and it will be a mucky mess.

And there is the last shot outside the runs....... discussing the joys of having hens. And green eggs and ham.

So if you want to see me -- the Survivor(!!) -- tune in to WQAD on August 19th at 10pm. Please DVR it for me. Cleaning the house, the corn-zebo and the coops has pooped me out!!! I will be asleep by then!

And just so everyone knows --- Digital tv puts 47 lbs on a person! I'm really quite tiny! Its amazing how fat a person will look on tv. Has nothing to do with the 20 nutrolls that are in my freezer. Make that 17!!


Tammy said…
Great post. You had me laughing! It's kinda crazy when what used to be a normal way of life (preparing/canning your own food, having a few chickens etc.) is now considered to be 'extreme'. I love how you renovated the corn bin! Wonderful place.
Garrett808 said…
I love the corn-zebo!!

I have goats in mine! LOL

I need to pick your brains (if you are willing) about canning foods and all the different ways. Do you have a 'how to can, for dummies' edition out yet? I'd buy one for sure!
clink said…
Well, Garrett, I just might have to do that. I've been asked to teach a class so maybe you can drop in.

Of course, we have to discuss the goats. Angoras, perhaps???

My canning knowledge makes a great trade for fleece. And then ... you might be able to pick up some nutrolls --- just down the road!

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