I might as well embrace it.............

Last night ... I get a call from Matt Hammill, our news anchor on the local ABC affiliate. He is finishing up the editing for the story they did on "Miss Effie's". As he is checking spelling and other information -- he is trying to figure out a title for me. "How about nutball survivalist?"

I just laughed and laughed. As long as Janet Reno doesn't think this is Ruby Ridge, I am fine with that!!!

So if you missed the story and want to see what nutball survivalists do on 2 acres in Iowa ---www.wqad.com and check out the video.

And in the spirit of embracing my inner self, I canned peaches last night. I am done. Maybe. I think so. Unless my produce buddy John comes up with a deal that I just can't pass up!! 125 lbs of peaches in the pantry.
There are all the pint jars --44 of them.
And there are 28 quarts. Plus some jam. I really should have made some peach butter ---- so maybe I'm not done yet?

In more "Nutball Survivalist" activities -- I baked a loaf of bread last night. I used my usual "no-knead" recipe. But I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup of Hodgson Mill Multi-Grain with milled flaxseed and soy hot cereal, and a handful of sunflower seeds. I increased the yeast by 1/4 tsp. and added 1 tsp of wheat gluten. And this is what it looks like..........
So the "nuball survivalist" will continue her ways by canning carrots and tomatoes today. Do a little laundry with the Voss wringer, spin a little yarn and work on a sweater.

It feels good to be a nutball.


hiccupp said…
hey nuttball, I saw you on tv last night! :)

I was actually *just* getting ready to head to bed, half asleep on the couch, and happened to hear "somethingsomething MISS EFFIE something.." and sat up and waited for the nutball survivalist footage :)

Your place looks beautiful! (and your stockpile is so pretty)

It was a very nice video :) Congrats!

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