Making hay.............

I often envy those people who talk about the lazy-hazy days of summer. On a farm, regardless of its size, there are no lazy days. And Sundays, the day of rest, is no different. Which is why we say to "make hay while the sun shines."

Every day, there is the "to-do" list. A list that will never be totally accomplished in one day. But you nibble away at it, knowing as the day goes on, the list will get longer. Yesterday, was such a day.

Honey's main job was to mow yesterday. Our mower is a vintage 1980 John Deere 210 that insists on new points and plugs two or three times a year. Mind you, never on a Wednesday, when I can run to the implement dealer and pick them up. But always on the weekend.

Like a toddler that wants a new toy, the mower stops in place and throws a tantrum! Well -- it sputters and spits and says "No more!" With absolutely no warning. It mows along happily and then it turns its ugly head and says.......... "That's it! I want new plugs and I want them now". So Honey spent the majority of his day, cleaning, massaging and trying to convince the mower it wanted to finish the job.

I, on the other hand, tackled the kitchen. No -- I didn't clean it. I destroyed it! I harvested 20 pounds of beautiful tomatoes and a hat full of green beans. Yea -- that is one fabulous bean crop I have!

I spent the day making pizza sauce -- the smell of the oregano and garlic and peppers filled the kitchen. I should have enough pizza sauce done for the year and will move on to other tomato products. Pizza sauce and catsup are great products to start early when I have such a mix of tomatoes ripening. The heirloom tomatoes give such flavor to the sauces. Their large size can make canning them whole or chunked difficult. But the flavor they add to the sauces and juices, is amazing.

While doing the pizza sauce, I was multi-tasking. Yes, I was. And as Honey says, I don't multi-task the way I used to! But yesterday was a good day and I baked peanut butter cookies for Youngest Daughter, started a sweater, finished re-fashioning a jacket and canned 2 whoppin' pints of green beans! Only 47 more to go ......... if you are keeping track. Did a little ironing from doing laundry the day before and my day was almost finished.

Yummy homemade pizza finished off the evening ......... fresh basil, roasted garlic and lots of mushrooms and kalamata olives.

And this sunset -- that said it was time to put away the list, forget what didn't get done and start again tomorrow. Cuz as Scarlett said ....... "Tomorrow is another day".


Getting caught up; loved the last three posts! Have to respectfully disagree about making hay while the sun shines, though. We keep the original day of rest, the seventh day, and have found that God really does make six days go farther when you give Him the special time He asks for, no matter your occupation.

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