Monday Morning Musings............

Why do Mondays all feel so hectic? I walk away from Mondays exhausted! They must be the longest day in the week -- but even then, I never get everything done!

There is always laundry on Monday. (Heck! There is always laundry!) Yea .... the wringer still lives. The "newness" of it is wearing off................ but it will be awesome for processing wool. But right now, I just want clean undies!

Gathered eggs today ........ the girls really out did themselves. As you have heard (over and over and over again!!) we sell "Pretty eggs from Pretty Chickens". Just to prove the point, here are today's offerings from the girls.

I've been canning today --- I went out in the garden to finish the last of the beets. I planted just a few golden beets and by the time I thinned them, there were very few. But I did get two jars of pickled beets.......... granted, there are a lot of onions in there. So I checked out the green beans. Now this is not an award winning crop here! But I did get three pints canned and on the shelf. Only 49 more to go! I'll be heading down the road for some more.

Gardening in the country is really a community effort. Today, I shared some of my tomatoes with a neighbor down the road. Yesterday, next door neighbor brought some banana peppers, sweet corn and a couple of beautiful onions in exchange for some dill for pickles. And my sheepie neighbor traded salted nutrolls (that I will sell on the black market if I don't eat them all first!) for some of blueberries I bought. Its a great feeling...... the sharing of food. Even if we don't break bread together.

I've been consumed with gardening and canning so the creative part of my life has been neglected. I miss spinning and knitting......... that peaceful zen part of my life. So this morning -- for a few minutes -- I sat at the wheel and became one with the yarn. OK -- I got tangled up in the mess!!! But that doesn't sound as cool!!

So here is a little up-date on what I am attempting to create.
Ok -- this is cloud made from Coopworth and Wensleydale lamb's wool, yearling mohair, Tussah silk, silk noils and Angelica. The angelica adds sparkle to the yarn. The color is Barn Swallow. It is a wonderful mix of blues, purples and a little yellow. Janette from Fae Ridge Farm in Iowa City does this wonderful color. So there is the cloud and a bobbin with a single strand of yarn. Two strands are twisted together to form a two-ply yarn .... which looks like this -----------
And when I am done spinning, I will start to knit the sit-com sweater from The sweater has a single button. Wouldn't a barn swallow button look great? Yea ....... I'm searching. If anyone finds one ........... drop me a line.

And one final note................... Today is dear daughter's 30th birthday. Which is an absolute miracle since I am certain I am only 29!!!!! AGAIN! But to my DD, Happy Birthday!!! You have given me 30 years of joy, love and happiness and I am so very proud of the woman you have become. You are smart, strong, funny, talented and beautiful and I am proud to say you are my daughter.

I love you.



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