Nine years and one day!

You know, I was going to do this post on our anniversary dinner. We went to the Woodfire Grill to have a quiet, intimate dinner -- the two of us. We haven't been to dinner in several years as we have a motto ............... "make memories, not reservations".

And I was going to do the "foodie-thing" and discuss the andouille stuffed mushrooms (excellent!) and the cajun chicken tortellini with the creamy Alfredo sauce.

But something happened on the way to the "foodie"blog. Cliff and I became "cute".

Now Cliff and I have been a lot of things ----- funny, goofy, too-loud (that would be me!), smart, drunk, broke and just plain crazy. But we have never been "cute".

Once upon a time -- before we were married -- we were at a party at Eldest Daughter's home in Iowa City. This was a house full of college girls and since we were at a party, there was a house full of college boys! It was a fun party with great people and lots of wonderful music -- The Who, Creedance Clearwater Revival and Bruce Springsteen. We popped in for a few minutes -- to make an appearance and then leave so Eldest Daughter could have fun .......... without Dad and Step-Mom. We were about ready to leave when we hear a young man ask, "Who were those people?" Eldest Daughter said that those were her parents. He replied, "They are f-in' cool!"

That was ok ............. I could be "f-ing cool". But tonight ------- we became cute.

We had a friendly young waitress -- she patiently described the tilapia glazed with the chili-garlic sauce with tomatillos and a relish of black beans and corn. Not once! But twice! Do you have any idea how long it takes me to make up my mind?????

And when I ask her to take our picture because it was our anniversary -- she gladly did. And when we (OK OK ...... it was ME!!!) ordered the peanut butter brownie sundae for dessert, she went to the owner and it was on the house!!!

It was a wonderful meal --- we were ready to leave and she ruined it all by saying "It was a pleasure to wait on you tonight. Have a wonderful evening. You are such a cute couple".

We were stabbed ........ right through the heart!! We all know that couples are only cute twice in lifetime. A couple that is dating at age 15 ...... is cute. A couple that is 80 and holding hands ...... is cute. And we are a hell of alot closer to 80 than 15!!!!!

I thought we were right on the fulcrum of life ............. perfectly balanced between youth and old age. WRONG!! We have teetered right over to "cute".

But those couples are cute because they radiate a love that is just there. No one can question it -- it shows to everyone. It is a glow when he opens the door for her and it is a warmth when they hold hands. I have that kind of love ................... There is no Clink without Honey.

And I know we are that little old couple that live for each other ............... and I'll be happy being cute.


Corinne R. said…
Not just cute, F-in' cute!
clink said…
I like it........ F-in' cute.

THAT I will accept!

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