Wash day blues......................

This is a Bosch under the counter washer. It is three months old. It doesn't work. Notice the clothes in the washer. That is because the door is locked and won't open.

Bosch corporation doesn't understand how important laundry is to a farm woman during the summer. We don't have a laundermat down the street, nor do the dry cleaners pick up and deliver freshly pressed shirts.

So when this $1100 machine went ka-pootz, they informed me it would be 7-10 business days to get the part. In all fairness, the dealership has been wonderful!!!!!!! This posting is for Bosch corporate only.

This, mind you, is a 1946 Voss wringer wash machine. It was manufactured in Davenport Iowa. How do I know it is a 1946 model?? It says so on the manual and hang tag that came with the machine!! Oh, and its cost to me?? Nothing!!! But today..... priceless!!! Thank you, David and Carole!!

Ok --- so it is time to learn how to use this baby! First you have to be appropriately attired. Don't you love my apron??? Courtesy of my dear college roommate's mother's auction! I sooo needed the aprons!!! But why weren't there any kerchiefs?? I really need a kerchief!! I'd look good in a kerchief!

First step ..... fill the tub with water. Grandma probably heated the water in kettles on the laundry stove. Unfortunately, my laundry stove heats the corn-zebo. (See post number 2!) And my kettles have flowers planted in them. As do my 7 laundry tubs! So we will fill it the easy way ............ the garden hose. Nice use for the Dramm watering wand.

Notice the floating agitator. Actually, this is kind of nice feature. It will be great for the purpose that I wanted the machine for ............ washing fleece.

Look at the timer................ it has an overall setting! I wear overalls!!! Some woman on Oprah said that no one over the age of 4 should ever wear overalls. She does not live on a farm. I like my overalls. And now that I know there is a "wash setting" for them .........I will continue to wear them!

Now it is time for the dreaded wringer. We all have heard stories about grandma running her hand thru the wringer. OMG!! That is waaay too easy to do. My washer came with a stick. A nicely rounded stick. It has gone through the wringer at least 6 times and I'm on load number 3! Ooops! There it goes now!

Ya know how men are about mechanical stuff?? Here is Honey, using the wringer. I took this picture as proof --- he does know how to do laundry.

As far as the dryer goes -- when my washer is fixed, I will use their dryer. Until then, my undies are flappin' in the breeze!

Its too bad you can't read my tee-shirt today. It says ........... Farm wife ....... a better breed of women! I certainly think so.


Corinne R. said…
Okay...#1 I would just take this as a sign that you were not meant to do laundry, and leave it at that.

#2 you need a hair net to round out your ensemble.

#3 You ROCK the overalls, you go on with your bad self!
hiccupp said…
oh, oh dear. I had to laugh that not only is the washer broken, but its taken hostages. THAT should be fun to unload.

And I've contemplated the overalls issue when weeding my garden. Any pair of pants that allows you to bend in awkward positions to reach between plants and still not risk flashing the top half of my rear (or get an unfortunate sunburn like SOME farm gals we know ::coughcough::) must be a good thing!

I have a feeling oprah doesn't do much weeding...
I really didn't want to hear this. We have a Bosch washer and dryer, too, thanks to our contractor screwing up our laundry room so that nothing else would fit (including the washer and dryer we already owned when we built our house). So far, so good, though; they're over five years old now.

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