Left. Right. Left. Right.

Those are the new kids. My bookend cats. Except they are sitting the wrong way. Its Right and Left.

I needed more cats. I know. I know. I have a lot of cats. But we lost Ditto -- Spooky wanders in and out. Noname' is getting old. And Henny lives in the chicken coop. I needed cats that love kids.

Thanks to my dear friend, customer and Miss Effie's very own cheerleader, Heather .... we have two new kittens. Fuzzy, adorable, friendly and almost identical -- Right and Left are the perfect flower farm cats. A little attitude -- good mousers -- and very ready for a hug!

So you get to be bored with my grand-kitten pictures. I promised I would only carry one picture of my grand-daughter at a time. I said nothing about my cats. (Yes -- I know. My vet said I was going to grow old and become the cat lady in my little town! Thanks, Fred!!!)

Left. Right.

Another sweet pose from Left. Could you believe these cats could get into mischief????

And one more ..............just one more. You can roll your eyes and everything cuz on a blog --- I can't see you! I will make such a perfect old crazy cat lady!!!!


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