A Liberal Dose of Conservation.

I have spent the last couple of weeks, listening to both political parties. And I am totally pissed at both of them .......... one a little more than the other......... but both have me fired up!!

After listening to Tom Friedman talk about his new book.... Hot, Flat and Crowded , I am totally convinced that our federal government doesn't get it!

We are in serious need of new energy sources .......... not "Drill, baby, drill"! But until we have those energy sources -- we need to conserve. And I haven't heard one word about conservation since Jimmy Carter left office in 1980! Yea -- it might mean slowing down a bit on the interstate. Lord knows, the speed limit is 70, not 87 mph!

So what can I do????

Help me out, friends. I have a list of things that I can do ......... but I'm sure you have more ideas.

1) Wear more hand-knits to lower the thermostat in the house. And by wearing knits made from hand-spun, I am supporting a local farmer, taking less energy (just mine!) to make the yarn and less fuel to get the yarn to me. And I'm warmer and very chic!!!

2) Preserve more local produce. Better nutritional value, fresher taste, far less fuel to get it to my table. And some of the jars that I use are almost 50 years old! That's re-using at its best!

3) Try to eliminate paper and plastic products -- I can use feed bags as garbage bags, cloth napkins instead of paper, rags instead of paper towels. But someone has got to help me remember my grocery bags!!!!

4) Use my clothes line as much as possible. Hey -- wind is still free. And out on this hill -- there is a lot of wind! No.................. its not all from moi'!!! (No comments from the peanut gallery!! You know who you are!!!)

5) Bundle my errands. Try as I might -- it is 11 miles to the grocery store and I'm not walkin' it!!! But I can be smart about the trips I do make -- no quick run into town because I forgot sugar at the grocery store. Make a list, Clink ............. and don't leave it on the counter.

Ok guys! Add some other ideas to my list. This is serious business and somebody has got to do it. Great changes start with one little person. So be my inspiration.


A tip for #3; I unload my groceries and then immediately put the empty "forever" bags back in my car (in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat). That way they are there when I need them, and I don't have to rely on my shaky memory, or be without them when I make an impromptu stop for a few things.

6) Wash most of your clothes in cold water. As water heaters generally use more energy than any other single thing in our households, it can add up to a lot of conservation. Take quicker, cooler showers, too. And make "sun tea" instead of heating water.

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