Miss Effie and her very own roadshow!

First of all, to all my friends that wake up early every Saturday morning to vend at the market -- wow! My hat goes off to you! I was only trying to get to the market by 7:30 and that was tough. No breakfast, no coffee, my bed wasn't made --- how do you guys do it??? And be cheerful all at the same time???? Maybe the coffee would have helped!

Ok -- a little background -- my friend Ed from Nostalgia farms emailed me one day and asked if I would consider doing a canning seminar at the market. TWO seconds. I had to think about it for two seconds!! YES!! I would do it.

I love teaching people how to take care of themselves....... whether it is canning, or cooking or knitting. Hey! Us nutball survivalists like the company! It can be lonely holed up in that bomb shelter! Ours won't be ............ Sheepie Neighbor is providing the desserts and Debbie and Jim are stocking up on dark red beverages. It will be quite the party!!!

So it was a fun event today ....... very successful. Lots of people and lots of questions. It was like playing Trivial Pursuit!! And only one stumped me. A woman asked about adding lemon juice to tomatoes -- her son is allergic to citric acid and lemon juice. And I did not have either an alternative or the politically correct answer for her.

Steve the Republican has now asked me if I would do other events for the market. So I am working on a plan. Steve is running for county auditor....... and don't faint, my friends ......... he may get my vote. He has done a fantastic job organizing the farmers market this year. And if that is any indication of his abilities.......... he deserve my vote.

And thanks to all my friends that donated supplies, gave hugs and pats on the back. My in-house roadie (Honey) and I really appreciate it.

I'm back in the kitchen now ------ did 14 pints of dilly beans tonight and started roasting tomatoes for spaghetti sauce. Tomorrow morning, I will do sweet corn. Life is so good here!


Corinne R. said…
Yes folks, she even did it completely clothed!
clink said…
I know!! What a shock! I think that's why I had my roadie along. He was waiting for the real show!
hiccupp said…
LOL...you guys crack me up. and I have to point out that here you two are at 6 something am, up and attacking your day...and I stroll in around mmm9:45.

(Ok so I was up earlier, but my point being I don't function 'early morn' as well as you two)

and I'm sad I missed the show, I even went up to see if I could find it, but all I saw were boxes of canning jars and I knew...it was too late.
I never add lemon juice to my tomatoes; figured the tomatoes had plenty of acid all by themselves!
clink said…
Michelle -- Actually, the USDA considers tomatoes to be borderline as far as acidity.

Part of it, is the inconsistency from variety to variety. That is why they have added the recommendation of 2 Tbsp lemon juice per qt.

Look in the new Ball Blue Book for more details. And don't be surprised to hear me preach another tune soon -- I understand the USDA is working on new recommendations.
Oh my gosh! I'm sorry I missed it! I'll definitely try to catch the next one. (I think I got there about three hours late!) "Steve the Republican" -- you're too funny! :)

Take care!

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