My so-called idyllic life............

Why is it, when you have views like this, people think your life is nothing but a quiet peaceful lazy summer day??
Lately, I have had several phone calls from people that want to discuss my "lifestyle". Not really the work that is involved but the rewards. I appreciate the interest but they don't seem to understand that I don't sit around all day, knitting socks, spinning yarn and communing with my chickens!

On the other hand, there are those that think since I live on only two acres --- I'm not really working! Unless you punch a time clock, sit at a desk all day, or wear high heels ( that thought puts a chill up my spine!) you can't possibly work. Wow. Because after all, I am wasting my education!!!

It is 7 am and I have a load of laundry in the wash, my husband has had his breakfast, his lunch was packed and is off to work. I kneaded the bread I started last night and now, I've got everything ready for a double batch of salsa.

I have to get the coop ready for tomorrow's farm inspection and I need to run to the feed store for 200 lbs of feed.

Later this morning, after a couple more loads of laundry on the line ........ I get to discuss the joys of poultry husbandry with a woman that wants to start her own flock. I hope to get a batch of tomatoes in the canner after the salsa. But we will see how that goes. Customers that want flowers could drop in at any moment.

I have to dig potatoes for supper, get a roast in the oven and harvest and clean kale to serve as a side dish. All before 2:30, when I will head into town for 4 hours of providing retail therapy for other women. I would rather commune with my chickens!!!

But according to some --- I don't work! And according to some, I have an idyllic life! And then, I walk outside and I am greeted with little Lizzie, just being kittenish cute!
And I glimpse Honey's homemade socks, drying in the breeze.

And I walk into the house and am greeted by the scent of baking bread. I glance over and see the sparkling jars of salsa -- cooling on the bread board. And I realize that my life is pretty idyllic! Even if it is a lot of work!!!


It really doesnt matter what they think, trust me, you have a job! But you also have the idealic lifestyle that everyone wishes they had time to have. Especially me :)
Found you from Michelle's at Boulderneigh!

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