Of Mice and Men.

For the last couple of days, our refrigerator has not been working at its best. The freezer was running warm -- barely freezing ice cubes. And my milk was slightly cooler than room temp.

With the luck I have had with electrical devices this year, I thought I was looking at a purchase of a new refrigerator. But it was only 9 years old so I decided an independent repairman was the first step.

I love repairmen that get to the heart of the matter right away. He walks in -- opens the refrigerator door and states, "The fan on the condenser is not running." First thought through my brain was -- "Condenser=$". Ka-ching!!!

But he squeezes to the back of the refrigerator, opens it up ............... and finds a very petrified mouse (Ewww!) stuck in the blades of the fan. (And you, gentle reader, were enjoying breakfast!) "That will be $116." Pretty good money for less then 10 minutes of work. Well, it was better than my initial thought.

Now -- I am upset with the army of cats that I have. How could a mouse slip through enemy lines???

Uhh, yea. Loafing on the job. Patches Ann, you are fired! (Can't you see the look of terror in her face? Yea, they are spoiled.)

Speaking of being "fired", Honey and I had the last of the "Great Adventures" last night. Earlier this summer, we picked up a local weekly paper route. Three hours and 85 miles every Thursday night. We called it "date night". I'd pack some lunch, put some tunes on and we were off to deliver fresh news to rural Scott County.

I loved it! Three hours with Honey........ waving at people we saw....... beautiful countryside....... and we were helping ourselves recover from Honey's medical bills.

Well, we and many others were victims of our economy. The newspaper has now ceased rural delivery due to printing expenses and transportation costs. So back to square one!!

I am going to look to the girls to "help" out. We had our farm inspection for Animal Welfare Approved. We are hoping that we can increase egg production and build a new coop and run complex. Complex --- that's a pretty fancy word for a chicken house!!! Animal Welfare Approved certifies farms that care for their animals in humane sustainable ways. One point that surprised me --- they would like chicks to be born on the farm or picked up from local hatcheries. No mail-order chicks. Might be tough but we do have hatcheries within a few hours drive. The farm did well -- the inspector went through his findings but I have to wait for the final report.

And finally.......

I happened to catch a blog. And I really do try not to be political cuz some of my best friends are Republicans. And occasionally, even my own Honey votes that way. (I do my best to change that ............... Trading sex for votes seems to have been the most persuasive argument so far!!!) But athenainindy has a great post yesterday about some very confusing issues. I want to meet your mama! She is one brilliant woman!

OK -- that's all for now. More tomatoes await me. Talk to ya all later.


Tammy said…
Glad your refrig repair bill wasn't over the top (but I agree--what wages for 10 minutes 'work'!). My cats are pretty worthless too, but they know they aren't in any danger of getting the boot. I had been having trouble with my DSL/phone lines and come to find out some kind of 'varmint' had chewed several holes in the line!

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