An open letter to Wall Street.......

For all my regular readers (both of them!) --- there is a ranting coming on! So watch out and stand back!

Dear Mr. Wall Street Big-Wig!

For years, you have told me that you knew what was best for me. You told me through all those pre-approved credit card applications -- that I deserved to have all that I wanted. You told me that I deserved a trip to Paris or Mexico --- when in reality, I couldn't afford to go to Paris, IL or Mexico, MO!!! You told me that I could afford to drive the car that I dreamed of -- even though, I would never own it.

You told stockholders of corporations that profits were more important than individuals so just eliminate some of those jobs in the name of double-digit profits. And pensions!! Ha! We will trick the public into investing in their future........... regardless of the fact that investing can be a gamble. And you don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose.

So I ignored you ........ even though you continued to increase my credit limit to over 65% of our yearly income --- on one credit card. And when I got an equity loan to put in a new well -- you kept telling me how much more you could give me!!! And I stood my ground and said -- no, that is all I need. And I ignored the fact that I was nothing without a new car --- and continued to drive one that was paid for.

And you say that this is hurting the "ordinary" people on Main Street. Well, I am sorry but I think I am pretty darn extraordinary. Do you can your own green beans or spin your own wool or mend your own socks???? At least I know what I can afford!!! And obviously, for all your fancy MBA's ............. you can't see that I can not make payments that are more than my paychecks!

And now ......... after eating beans and pasta and canning my own veggies for years ...... you want me to bail you out for your greed!

Unfortunately, my say won't count cuz this is too big of a problem. And without the government help, we would see 1929 all over again .......... at least according to the economists. But at the moment, while we struggle to make ends meet -- not because we have gone deep into debt but because of rising health costs, energy costs and food bills ----I would like to see some Wall Street anquish!!

You won't give up your Park Avenue townhouses or your mansions in the Hamptons. And I know, giving up your private jets must have been painful. But could you possibly give up a few of the millions of dollar compensation bonus that you have recieved for screwing the American taxpayer???

And now that you are out of a job -- why don't you come and spend a day with me? You can help me clean the coop. After all, that's the crap you fed us!!

OK ............ to my friends --- its safe to come out now!


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