Square peg in a round hole world

When I was growing up, I swore that I was adopted. I just never "fit" within my family. But one look at my siblings, I knew that that wasn't true. We looked like we came off the same Xerox machine. One copy after another.

But we followed totally different paths. I am comfortable on my path and they are apparently comfortable on theirs.

A friend told me that "Wealth isn't about money". Greenhouse Gwen was right. A picture that a 4-year-old drew for "Miss Effie" is priceless. A hug from a 6-year-old that just held a baby kitten is priceless. A customer that drove out just "to visit" and sit with me in the corn-zebo is priceless. The customers that leave a CD of their daughter's music are priceless. We may not look wealthy or drive new vehicles, but we can sleep at night, knowing that we made a difference......... if only for a moment.

But insecurities die hard ......... and sometimes when you are in that "outside world", you look at what you do and question its value in a society that worships "things", not individuals.

But not yesterday! Yesterday was special! Yesterday, I got to celebrate my life's work and my personal worth! Some how, some where I stumbled on this blog.

I'm not sure who wrote it -- I think I may know. But it is good to know -- that Honey and I have touched someone's soul. Someone sees what we do as good and right and valuable, even if we don't drive a new Lexus. Heck! We don't even own a vehicle that was built in the 21st Century!! A life of simple pleasures is the path we have chosen and love. Yes -- today it is the road less traveled. But the fact that someone else finds it appealing ...... is special to us.

So Anonymous Blogger, I thank you. I am proud to be your egg lady. Thank you for appreciating what we do and who we are. And yea, I would take you as a unpaid intern.............. or a stalker.


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