UFO's and other things that haunt me.

As you all well know -- I have a few too many hobbies. And they seem to be exploding in my family room right now. Waaay too much to do! Waaay too little time! And waay too many things look like fun!

So here comes a re-cap of what project is what ----- and what stages they are in.

Ok -- this one is about 90% done. It is the "sit-com" sweater from Knitty. I made this sweater before and just loved it! Then I under-grew it. I still wear it around the house on cold days but I loved the style and decided to knit it again. And since I've spun the yarn myself -- it is very personal. The Barnswallow cloud came from my friend Janette at Fae Ridge Farm. Love it!

Of course, I've been spinning as I knit ........ and now I need to spin, ply and set. It will be sitting for a few days.

Project number two............. the project from hell! 35% done. First -- why in the world did I think that knitting plaid socks could possibly be fun????? Second -- this yarn sucks!! It is a merino/cotton blend that splits like crazy! I hate it! But I am going to finish these ......... sometime. They were Honey's birthday present. He'll have another one. Birthday, that is!

And finally -- easy-peasy baby towel and washcloth for Addie. Wonderful yarn -- hand-painted cotton and linen (from my friend Janette again! Her shop is to die for!) So................... why isn't it done?? Because I have decided it needs a crocheted edge around it. Pretty and lacy. And I have to learn how to crochet to finish it! I only work with two needles......... one needle is like I've dropped something! OK -- I will learn.

So that's just a few of the current frustrations here at Miss Effie's. You will see more later!


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