Weekend Update!

There was an art fair in town today. I have enjoyed the art fair for years and when Honey and I met, we made it a pilgrimage every year. The last couple of years, we have been disappointed and walked away with nothing. We were planning to do the same thing this year. We were wrong!!!

We first walked into the art fair and saw the work of Marsha Becker-Kyle. Wow! We talked to her about her prints and debated back and forth for sometime. We looked at the Estate Sale and the Springhouse Nursery print. Fortunately, my friend Paula passed by and said -- Estate Sale.

It is so me. Vintage tablecloths hanging on a line, watering can, metal lawn chairs and a sign that says "Cut flowers"! So it will go into the fiber studio. The fiber studio is really shaping up ........ as far as decorating items! Its the walls and floors and electrical and heat that its missing!!

A little farther down the aisle, I see someone that looks familiar. I look for a name and sure enough, its the right name for the face. Robert Taylor. We were co-workers years ago, selling floorcoverings. Now he is selling photography that he has done. I am drooling over some of his barn photos.

Only one problem there .......... Robert couldn't remember my name! I mean, seriously! I thought I was obnoxious enough no one could forget me. He did remember where I lived and moving a beast of a clawfoot bathtub to install vinyl flooring for me. His mom did remember a party at my house ........ which is good. I barely remember some of those parties!

It was a great art fair and I will go back again next spring. I did find my Christmas present. An artist (Jim "Bo" Bodine) had great carved decoys. And these hand-painted frames that were so folk art inspired. I recognized him from antique malls -- now, he takes great old advertising and then puts them in his hand-created frames. They are charming! And of course, I found another piece of art work for the fiber studio. Cats -- thread -- yea, its a given!!!

I tell ya -- the fiber studio is filling up!

Honey has brought wiring to the fiber studio and is now digging the trench (by hand, mind you!) from the garage to the corn-zebo. The corn-zebo should have real "switch-and-outlet-electricity" by the end of next week. No more drop cords! And the chandelier (made out of a bushel basket ... it is the corn-zebo!) will light up the dining area. The outlets will also allow for the future addition of a mini-fridge to go with the kitchenette that has already been installed.

In other weekend news, survivalist activities continue. I canned 19 pints of green and wax beans and 3-1/2 quarts of tomatoes. If you are keeping track of the bean count -- I am there! Done! Over with! Except my friends at Nostalgia Farms are growing flat Italian beans. I'm thinking I will need 10-15 pints.

Ed and Joe grow some of the nicest lettuces and spinach around! They have a great ability to mix their lettuces in blends that are sweet and peppery and spicy ........ all at the same time. So last night was a Buy Fresh, Buy Local meal. Nostalgia farm lettuce, with a wonderful broiled prime Sirloin tip steak. Sweet 100 and yellow pear tomatoes surround the steak that was topped with fresh local feta cheese. All was produced by us, family or friends.

Nothing is better than knowing from where your food comes .............. or your art. Life is good when it is personal.


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