What I did over the weekend.

Survivalist tactics continue on the east coast of Iowa. I am now certain if there is a hell -- it is filled with buckets of tomatoes that need to be processed. Yea ...... it has been fun.

Ok -- Let me show you what all I have canned this weekend. Oh -- I forgot. My camera is in the shop. Hmmmmm??

Now you can see why my paintings are not in demand. Might also be the fact that I don't paint! Did you notice how the artist cut off the jar of sauerkraut??? Oh well, I can cook!

I started by doing 35 quarts of tomatoes, 18 pints of beans (both wax and Italian flat beans), 3 pints of tomato juice, 2 quarts of carrots and 2 gallons of sauerkraut made in mason jars. I look forward to that -- Greenhouse Gwen has made it like this several times with good success.

Next on the canning list is apple pie jam and we will have more tomatoes ripening this week. Those will be made into spaghetti sauce. Yummmmm.

My kitchen looks like a masterpiece, too. Tomato spatters, shredded cabbage, carrot tops, and tomato peels. Jackson Pollack has nothing on me!!!


Tammy said…
Hysterical. :-) Love the illustration!

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