Autumn in Iowa.........

Wow! I may just have a pumpkin for Addie yet!!! I had hoped to grow pumpkins this year. Due to our very wet spring -- my pumpkin seeds sat in several flats of soil, waiting to be planted.

One night, we had a bad storm (yea, you ask "Which bad storm was it??" We had so many this spring) with lots of high winds. My seed flats full of pumpkins and squash went a flyin'! So I had piles of seeds -- a few small plants -- and a lot of wet soil just sitting on the ground. But somehow -- I got one small pumpkin. Addie's pumpkin. I wasn't sure if it would turn orange in time or not. But I think it just might make it.

Iowa is not for the wimpy. Winters can be tough and getting ready for winter, even tougher. We start out every spring with long to-do lists. And by the time autumn comes along -- we discover that we haven't made a dent!

My neighbors are hustling, trying to get an old barn restored before the snow flies. This is such a beautiful barn and I was afraid it would fall into a heap on the ground. The roof was full of holes, the stone foundation crumbling and the stately cupola was in total disrepair I wish I had taken a picture before its make-over began. But here is a progress shot.
In other news -- I've been doing more cider demonstrations. We really had a fun (but large) group out yesterday. Home-schooled 4-H-ers. Anyone that knows me, knows that 4-H is near and dear to my heart. It has changed a lot -- and these were city kids. But it was a lot of fun.
After making cider, we always do a "chicken" tour. Rarely can I get group to hold the hens on their own. This group of kids begged to hold another hen. As you can tell, my Brahama is as big as she is!!! How cute is that!!

Ok -- that is all for today. We have a busy day getting ready for Octoberfest tomorrow. My dear guests, plan on seeing yourself in the blog!!! Of course, I will be taking pics early in the evening before I imbibe too much!! Chocolate, that is!!!!!


hiccupp said…
I love old barns, someday I will own one. :)

Addie's pumpkin is great, I'm sure she'll love it! :) (zach's first fall we took a picture of him IN a pumpkin. I am biased, but its freakin adorable. Think you can smuggle in a pumpkin?) ;)
That's my daughter holding the chicken. She had a great time yesterday as did everyone else. What a beautiful place you have! Thanks for having us.
clink said…
Hiccupp -- I don't know -- do you think the NICU would get mad????

I'm a barn-freak too. Love them!! I'm sure there will be more posted over the next few months. Also -- got your email. You are on the list, girl! Will let you know details soon. Well ... after Sunday!

Jane-- your daughter is a doll! She just loved that hen! The kids were great. I'd love to have them back again.

Stop back next spring and summer and you can enjoy the flowers.


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