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Monday, I went to a play day at Abi's. What a wonderful experience to be invited with all these talented women! I am not worthy!!! But I learned a lot -- bought some great fleece -- and ate some tasty food!!!
This is Jill -- she and her husband farm in Central Iowa and operate a CSA. (Community Supported agriculture) She gave me some great ideas about how they promote their farm. She is spinning intently ........... actually, she is doing Navaho plying. And she calls herself a novice! I think not!!!
This is Maggie and John. Maggie and her mother own 2 acres and raise herbs at Prairieland Herbs near Woodward, Iowa. Maggie just got a 1914 Singer treadle --- how cool is that!!! It was really fun to meet such like-minded women and men --------- so much talent! Thank you Abi, for inviting me!

In other news ---- Miss Effie's Country Flowers and Garden Stuff has just been accepted by Animal Welfare Approved. Our farm was inspected in September for humane treatment of animals. And we passed!! So labels will be coming soon for all of our egg cartons! Not only are you getting pretty eggs .... you are getting eggs from humanely raised hens. Like you didn't know that before!!!!! Anyone that names their hens .......................

Right now I have a cold --- so I will curl up on the sofa under a blanket and sleep. Good night!


I've never gotten to attend a spinning group like that; I think I'm jealous.
girlwithasword said…
OMG! I just pulled up your blog to link to it and THERE WE ARE!! I feel so famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a DELIGHT to meet you - I think we'll have to get together -anyone that likes good booze and spinning is loads of fun, in my book :)
girlwithasword said…
PS i just checked out your 2008 "what's for dinner totals" - wow! I was going to do something similar when my harvest was all done, plus take pictures of the freezer and cupboard. Since going "nearly all local" as far as eating, it sure has changed everything...... for the better. :)

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