Bonds of Sisterhood

When I was in college, I lived with the most amazing women in the most amazing sorority house. For some reason (and we have tons of theories) 4-H House builds these wonderful bonds that span generations and years.

Yesterday, I get an email from KA (pledge class Fall 1980). Now I have never spoken to KA or met her but she discovered that I was a 4-H House alum. And we live 4 miles apart!!! Turns out she is a 4-H leader that has a field trip scheduled for Miss Effie's at the end of the month. We talked about how we ended up in Iowa (we were Illinois girls, born and bred!) about our lives, about our daughters, and our friends. What a great experience! I can't wait to meet KA in person.

Sounds like it is time for another 4-H House party!

And included in the mix has to be my friend Deb (pledge class fall 1973) Deb also lives close and we never see each other!!! Fortunately, she caught the canning demo at the farmers market and we have been able to catch up a bit! Her daughter Megan is a "cuddler" at the NICU where little Addie is. Its nice to know when Youngest Daughter isn't there -- my granddaughter is being held by "family".

So .......... if there are any other 4-H House girls in eastern Iowa that I don't know about -- come out! come out and say hello!

I may not have a brass table but I do have a green door!!!!


hiccupp said…
ughhhh...a cuddler at do you get that job, I'd be all over that. In fact, they'd have to kick me out. :)

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