Curbside shopping

If you are just getting to know me ....... you don't know that I have become incredibly cheap. Sheepie Neighbor says I'm frugal. She is waay too kind. I am cheap.

And I don't do "new". I don't know why......... I don't live well with "new". I'm perfectly fine with finding an old ratty chair and throwing a blanket over it until I can re-do it. But new ........... not so much.

Honey is also cheap ........ actually, much cheaper than I am in a funny sort of way. But he doesn't scrounge through the garbage like I do. Personally, if you put it on the curb for the garbage man -- I think it is fair game. And if it has my name on it (FREE!) -- Baby, it is mine!!!!

We will be driving down a street and I will scream "STOP!!!" And he will slam on the brakes thinking that a child has run out in front of the truck. No ---- there is just a great metal lawn chair along side the trash!!! Now --- I have to yell "Dive. Dive"--- it means STUFF.

So it surprised me the other day when he came home with these ---This small child's rocker is missing an arm. Minor point. Honey can fix it now that he has his new bionic eye. ( I told him "No more cancer -- no more heart attacks." So he went for cataract surgery. I would have been happier with a hangnail!!!)

And then .......... he also brought home this ----
Cute, isn't it??? I'm guessing 1880's - 1890's. It doesn't have a pressed back -- very simple but really nice lines.

And notice my new project. I have got to learn how to cane. It can't be too hard -- after all, I weave baskets, do counted cross-stitch and knit fair isle. Same thing -- different material. And every thing is on youtube so watch and learn.

But it is truly time to learn. I love chairs. I buy or find lots of chairs. But if you come to my house for dinner -- you sit on folding chairs. Why??? Because of the seat conditions of my chairs -- they are used as end tables!Notice how my books sag to the left?? That's because there is a hole in the caning there. Yea -- it is time to learn.

Quick story about the chair above. I bought 4 of those at my college roomie's mother's auction (ya get all that???) They were Julia's dining room chairs. So my BFF Cyn is at the house -- helping clean for a 4-H House gathering. And she is dusting away in the living room and asks, "Clink, where did you get those chairs? I feel like I have dusted them a thousand times." "You have -- I got them at your mom's auction!"

So learning to cane is our "winter" project. Yea -- you will probably hear about my trials and tribulations. But mark my words. One of these days ......... I'll be sitting pretty!!!


Corinne R. said…
I am so proud of Honey...and jealous of your chairs.
hiccupp said…

1. Eddie has become used to me whipping my head in the car as I spot something. and/or greeting him at the door with "hey, would you mind going to get something for me?" if I saw it while running errands with zach and couldn't grab it.

2. I APPARENTLY have a thing for chairs. As I've rescued quite a few, and had to RESTRAIN myself from buying more at yard sales this summer. We kind of have more chairs, than butts in the house :p And only one has been started on (painted, now needs the cushion sewn)

So you learn how to cane, and then show me :)
girlwithasword said…
sounds like a wonderful skill for you to learn - I bet you'll get the hang of it in no time!
melanie said…
Caning- It's WAY easier than knitting...and no pointy objects.

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