I love a flea market!

There is nothing more fun than trucking through a flea market looking for treasures. Honey and I went to one of our favorites this weekend. I'll show you some of my finds later -- but here are a few observations.

The picture above is a dealer that sells everything for a dollar. Everything! Now, I don't usually dig through all his stuff -- and dig is the appropriate word because you are covered in dirt after you are done -- but can be the perfect place to find a jar lid, tacky salt and pepper shakers, the Bud-Light pitcher that you can't live without! And as you can tell, people flock to his booth.
Ok -- I found the reason for the canning jar shortage. There they are. OMG! There had to be 30 -40 dozen jars. All at $1.00 a piece. Little pricey for canning but for storage and collectors, it had to be quite a find.

For the gentle readers that are under the age of 40 -- I will answer your burning question. What in the heck are those things??? They are hairdryers. I know, a little big to hold in your hand. Those were from the days that we spent an hour under the burning heat with prickly rollers or very hot metal juice cans!!! They were cone-shaped to dry our beehive hairdos.

I'm pretty certain Sarah Palin owns one. Will they put it in the Oval Office?? The Secret Service could put the seal of the Vice President right on the sneeze-guard of the tall one. And it does double duty as a helmet for those incoming missile attacks.

Ooops! I have now offended "Steve the Republican". He may kick Miss Effie out of market!

And finally, you wondered where all your old prom dresses and bridesmaid's dresses went? I found them.
There they are!! Some things should have been destroyed!!! They were truly too ugly to live. And if you can't believe the green one from the front..... it also has a bow on the butt! So many women look good in green satin with bows on the front and bows on the butt! That dress designer was sadistic!!!

Just an over-view of the gems that can be found .......... if only you look. I'll show you the good stuff later! Stay tuned!


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