I'm the boss -- it said so!

I said I would show you more of my flea market finds. This was one that was tucked into a box of vintage sewing patterns that I bought. It is a 1953 (Hey! Something older than me!!!) Simplicity Sewing guide for using feed bags for clothing and decor design. Judging from the fact that I feed 50 hens -- I should have 6-1/2 yards of fabric. And it says ...............I should demand that my feed comes in print bags. After all, I am the boss.

I'm pretty certain Karen at the feed store would have some spicy answer to that!

Cute cute flyer. I'll have fun with that one.

Other news ......... I am completely done with the sit-com sweater. Blocked and finished. I may add some grosgrain ribbon to the front edge as it rolls a little.

Note the cute pearl button. Now I bought two huge tins of buttons in the last two weeks --trying to find the perfect button. This one came courtesy of Greenhouse Gwen. She had a wonderful box of old buttons. Gwen, I apologize again for drooling all over them!!! But now, I am thinking about what can I do with those gorgeous red ones??? I'll be bringing more roving home soon!

I was asked back to the Farmers Market to present another class on canning. It was such a success. I know -- I had a good time. So tomorrow, you will find me at my favorite farmers' market at 9:30 presenting a class on preserving apples. The main recipe will be apples studded with dried cherries and raisins. It is wonderful for a rustic tart for a special occasion. And its really easy to do. Heck -- you don't even peel the apples! My kind of recipe!
So I canned up 6 qts of that for the "bomb shelter" cuisine!

And I made 14 jars of "As American as Apple Pie" jam. That recipe has been posted in our local newspaper and the Radish. So "Google" Apple Pie jam for that one. Or for my flower-cutting, egg-buying and jam-eating customers, its now available for sale.

Enjoy this wonderful weather-- visit a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Or come see me at the market tomorrow. Cuz Tuesday looks like a Cuddle-duds day!!!


Corinne R. said…
I don't think you could print what Karen would say and still maintain your PG rating.
clink said…
Ain't that the truth???? That's why we love Karen!

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