Life on the prairie..........

Every two years, our local grade school hosts Heritage Days at a county park. They spend the day teaching the students about life on the prairie in the 1800's. The teachers and students are encouraged to dress in pioneer attire. Honey and I have been asked to participate in the day. It is something we thoroughly enjoy.

Two years ago -- we took the cider press and made cider with kindergarten students. This year we made cider with 1st and 2nd graders. I have to teach them the ropes of cider making. "We crush the apples! We mash the apples! We squeeze the apples and We squash the apples!!!" And we do this ..... loudly! Several times. Ya know -- ya just have to get the yelling down first!

Its fun watching Honey. He stands behind the press -- trying to help --- on the sly. The kids have to think they are doing the "crushing" all by themselves!

The sad part -- due to government intervention -- the children can not drink un-pasteurized cider. And they wanted to drink what they had made. So they were served Old Orchard. It did give me a couple of gallons of cider to take home!! YEA!!

Look at those little guys! How cute are they! I am a sucker for men in plaid shirts!

This year, they asked me to bring my spinning wheel. So I got to sit and spin for a while. Very few children knew that I was spinning yarn. They thought it was an old-time sewing machine. It was amazing how fascinated the boys were with the process. They loved feeling the alpaca and the processed wool. They would bury their faces into it. (No different than me!!!)

I will tell you -- even at kindergarten and first grade -- its tough to spin with a little one on your lap!!! But it was fun letting them feel the cloud slip through their fingers. So ......... I'll have some yarn with some bumpy spots ........... who cares?!?

You really heard happy children -- square dancing, washing clothes on a wash board and making dried apple wreathes. It seems to be a wonderful experience for the kids. Such learning going on. And really thoughtful questions. One child asked me about Johnny Appleseed. Yea .... I need to research that a little more thoroughly!

I felt honored to be included in such a delightful day. Its nice to share what I know. As I said, it was practice for Addie!


We started pressing cider when our son was a baby, and I was a wee bit worried about E coli or other things he could pick up from the apples we used, some of which were ground falls. So we dunk the apples in bleach water (and cut out the bad spots), press, then happily drink up!
Corinne R. said…
AAawwwwwwww, Honey in suspenders AND plaid...what could be cuter than that?
clink said…
I tell ya -- it was the plaid shirts that got me. Norm Abrams, Dean Johnson (Hometime) and Honey --- plaid shirts and power tools. My little heart goes pitter pat!

Those two little boys were adorable too. They could crush those apples by themselves. No one was going to help them. Cute Cute Cute.

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