Stringtown ....... revisited.

It was road trip time for Sheepie Neighbor and me. The pantries were getting low so it was definitely stock-up time. Ya know -- you just can't have a properly stocked bomb-shelter without a pound of yeast and 2 pounds of raisins! And clear-gel, you need clear-gel!!!

Our carts were filled with the basics -- flour, brown sugar, oatmeal,yeast and pumpkin seeds. Even older women were questioning some of our buying choices ......... What do you use clear-gel for??

The economic state of the country has led to some really interesting articles in newspapers and magazines and conversations.

The first one to blow my mind (and I haven't used that phrase since 1970!!!!) ........... Front page news. Woman uses left-overs to save money. Really? Seriously, that was the article. Did you know you could take last night's left-over chicken and add it to tonight's casserole??? Who knew??? I'm waiting to see if she made stock with the bones. That will be "News at Eleven"!!

Another article from one of my favorite magazines ......... Having a well-stocked pantry. Buy in bulk and store items in old glass jars. What an idea!! Have you seen my "Oh-so-Martha" cabinet? And another tip -- buy in bulk and share with your neighbor. Now, there is a concept! Be neighborly and help each other out! Where do they get these ideas???!!!

Before long -- we will have articles that will say -- bake your own bread to save money! Can your own tomatoes! Raise your own chickens for eggs! (Oh -- yea -- I've been featured in those articles. Never mind.)

And the "talk-shows" with the budget make-overs. Don't get me started!!! I laugh when they talk about how much they saved by reducing their cable plan!! Think about cutting out cable! Now -- there is a savings!!!

We have raised generations (including myself) that don't know the meaning of needs and wants. And now -- we find ourselves trying to define the difference. It may be a tough winter for some.

But don't worry about Sheepie Neighbor and me --- we have tomatoes, beans and lots of clear-gel!!!!


Corinne R. said…
Oh, and apple pie filling, don't forget we have apple pie filling, yeah, we're set!I better go...I'm going to go do some research to see if you can turn lights off when you leave a's just crazy enough it might work!
~sheepie neighbor
Your post brought to mind my recent rant to my husband. The news stories are quoting a lot of people against the big corporate bailout because it doesn't do enough to protect people who could lose their homes in this mortgage mess. Well I'm sorry, but no one held a gun to their heads and told them they HAD to finance 100% of the value of their homes, or take out an adjustable rate mortgage, or a home equity loan to pay for that new boat/SUV/expensive vacation. It seems to me most of the people in danger of losing their homes are people who made foolish decisions and tried to live beyond their means. Why should I bail any of THEM out? I bought less than the bank said I was qualified for, said "no way, Jose" to the ARM the mortgage company pushed, don't believe in home equity loans, buy my cars used for cash and drive them for ten or more years, and have never been to Hawaii. I also know how to garden, can, bake bread, cook beans from scratch, take quick showers, AND TURN THE LIGHTS OUT WHEN I LEAVE THE ROOM!!! (grrrrr)
Seriously. It's so backward. And I love what you say about being neighborly and sharing. Why is it that everyone on the block has their own mower? It's all about COMMUNITY. We need a shift in priorities and perspective. Thanks for pointing out all of this recent irony!!
hiccupp said…
I made bagels last night (speaking of which, anyone have a good bagel recipe?) and Eddie asked me how much they cost to make. (uh, less than 2 bucks) and thought if I bought the stuff at'd be even less.

I need to make a trip there in the next couple of weeks.
jillwaukee said…
I still don't know what the hell clear gel is.
clink said…
Hey, Eldest kiddo --- its the stuff we use in pie filling to make it thick.

But I am sure you have noticed -- there aren't any pies in this house!!! Blame me -- I make lousy crusts.

What can I say????

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