This post is NOT rated PG!!!

I'm pretty certain there have been words flyin' that are not suitable for younger readers!!!

I hinted before that I had bought a "new" sewing machine. Ok -- its not new. In fact, it is one of the few things that is still around and is older than I am!!! Its a 1951 Singer Centennial 66-18. I grew up sewing on a machine that was similar but nicer. Better features.......... but its not around and I wanted a machine that goes forward and backward. None of these fancy stitches or zig-zag ........ just forward and backward!

And most importantly, I wanted a machine that Honey could fix........... being that he doesn't have a PHD in computer science. (The Bosch washer experience still haunts me!)

So today -- I have a day to myself and I wanted to "play" with my machine. First problem --- winding the bobbin. Can't seem to do it. Won't wind thread. Went step by step in the instructions and can't quite get it.

Ok -- there is thread that I can use already on a bobbin --- I will continue "playing". I want to make an apron out of scrap of a dresser scarf or tablecloth .......... just a pretty piece of lace-edged fabric I had found. Gathering the top edge for the ribbon waistband and ties went great! Now its time to edge stitch the ribbon ties together. Aaaaghhhh!!!

Can I get the tension even close to right????? I thought I had it several times .................. close but no cigar!!!! Bobbin tension is great -- its the top thread! Fortunately, I bought four yards of ribbon for the ties. I can cut off a lot and still have enough!!!

But right at this very moment ---- I am stepping away from the machine so no one gets hurt!!

Its time for a cup of tea, a few minutes at my spinning wheel to get my zen back, and maybe ........... a Prozac or two!!! Sewing ........... the reason I needed therapy!!!!


girlwithasword said…

Do you know about the mary jane's farm forum? Loads of ladies there use and love older sewing machines, including treadles. they have been REALLY helpful to me in finding mine! I bet they can help you with the threading.'s a great forum, I know you'd love it!

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