Toasty Tootsies!

A new FO!!!! I know........... I'm shocked too!

I've been working on multiple projects at the moment...... like all of us. But as Honey says, I don't multi-task like I used to! But I did finish this pair of socks.

I love knitting socks........... I love the hand, the feel, the warmth and most importantly to me, the fit. I have what some people would call "little feet". And when you buy a pair of socks -- they also fit people with "big feet". So store-bought socks are sloppy on me and twist when I walk. The heels end up on the top of my feet and Honey then makes fun of me! Lord knows why! (Seriously, there are so many reasons!)

I admire all these finished projects that I see online. But I have discovered ..... that for me.... knitting is not about "projects" but the process. And the process of spinning sings to my soul. I have been knitting far longer than I will admit -- and I love it. But the prayer that sings through you as you spin cannot be described in words.......... only in works.

Its like kneading bread dough or chopping veggies, fresh from the garden for a homemade soup --- the connection with our God and our earth is intense. I am so grateful that I can feel it. I am thankful for the joy that I receive. There are so many that can't see it or feel it or taste it. For them -- a can of Progresso, a loaf of Wonder bread or a package of socks from Hanes -- work.

It is not enough for me.


hiccupp said…

right on.

gotta go spin.

(and is it sad that I've knit one pair of socks for myself, and they sucked - the yarn - and I've had plans for the second for uhm...2 years? but I saw lion brand sock yarn at hobby lobby yesterday, in a color I fell in love with. going back for it soon. the socks...they will come.)
Maybe someday I will work up the desire to knit socks, but I don't know. I wear socks out so fast, I'm afraid I wouldn't wear handknit ones because of all the time invested. Of course, I have standard-issue feet....

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