Today -- I will say more..........

I feel silly, crying over a duck. But as Sheepie Neighbor said, it was Walter.

Honey and I were hooked almost instantly when we saw Walter. Fuzzy little top-knot and a sweet peep-peep. So he immediately took up residency in the laundry room. I guess that's where all good ducks should live the first month or so of their lives. Ditto (a little calico cat) sat on top of the cage, playing with Walter.

I work retail in my off-season and had to work late one evening. Honey was home alone with Walter. I came home to hear ........... "You have got to see the new trick that Walter learned!"

He would stretch his legs out on the coffee table ....... Walter would sit down on Honey's knees. And Honey would say "Come here, Walter!" and Walter would come racing up Honey's chest to snuggle under his chin!

Debbie told me that I should leave Honey alone for that long!!!!!

Walter followed me around the garden -- and would dive for grubs as I weeded. One day -- I was weeding and cut Walter's beak with my hand fork. I never knew that a duck's beak would bleed!!! But he forgave me and continued searching for grubs with me!!!

We always locked Walter and Whosit up at night -- they would be right on the porch waiting to go to bed. One night, Walter even pecked at the door with his beak --- we weren't moving fast enough!!

Sunday night was no exception -- in fact, we had just finished larger accommodations for winter for our two feathered friends. I left for a spin-in a little before 9am -- I've never kept the ducks locked up during the day -- and the two buddies were out buggin' away.

When I came home at 4 -- Walter was missing. Whosit was walking around -- not in fear -- but looking for her buddy. I called and searched and called and searched. I found no buff or white feathers -- no sign of a struggle -- but no Walter. Our neighbors saw a fox run across our gardens during the day............ which is unusual. So I can only assume what Walter's fate was.

It was quiet this morning............ no Walter quacking his morning hello.

I'm going to miss that sound.

Its silly to be crying over a duck .............. but I am. And I will.


Why is it silly to cry over lost love? For I do believe that you loved Walter, and he loved you and Honey - or at least was bonded to you if anthropomorphizing makes anyone uncomfortable. But even "scientists" admit that animals mourn over lost mates/members of their group, and you were Walter's flock. Yep, he loved you, and you loved him, and I can only say I've been there, and it hurts like h....
Flicker said…
It is NOT silly! Heck, I'm crying for Walter too. I understand your pain and it honors Walter to grieve for him - it only proves he was loved.
Tammy said…
Very sorry to hear about Walter. It doesn't matter if they are two legged, four legged, bald, furred or featered, when they have a special place in our hearts. He sounded like a special duck, and I know that he likely enjoyed you all as much as you enjoyed him.
Take care,
hiccupp said…
But he wasn't JUST "a duck", he was Walter.
I am so sorry, Cathy!!


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