Barnyard Fashion

As you all know, I pride myself for being a fashionista! Yep -- I struggle daily with fashion decisions that the well-being of mankind depends on. Do I wear the polka dot boots to the coop?
Or am I a classic dresser and go for the more traditional Northerner??? Decisions ....decisions.

Farmgirl style is a whole different breed of fashion! First of all, does Oxy-clean really think it can get out marking chalk??? I think not! That orange is there for a while! Eventually, the abrasion from crawling around in the garden will wear it off. Until then -- orange is a color that can blend with anything.

Particularly, grape or blueberry stains.......... enter the canning season. I have yet to find an appropriate color shirt that I can not ruin. If I have a pink shirt on --- I stain it with blueberries. If it is blue -- it gets spaghetti sauce. And if it is yellow, I mix a batch of flower preservative into a leaking bucket and the bleach takes the color out of my shirt!

Let's talk blue jeans. Did you know there are jeans that cost more than $24.99??? And you can buy jeans at other stores than Farm and Fleet?? Who knew? Not me!!!

I am a Lee/Riders/Levi girl. No frou-frou stuff. Boot cut --plain -- dark denim. It will get faded out fast enough. For a brief moment -- they look new -- presentable. But most of the time -- they look like this.....................Note the hole in the butt. I can't wear these in the summer but with a pair of longjohns underneath them -- they are now the perfect attire for coop scoopin'! I'm pretty certain this style of jean has been discussed on the show "What not to wear". Well --I would be certain about it if I had ever seen the show.

Yep -- you will know me for my fashion style when you see me. I am the one with the blackout square across her face.

For I am a Glamour-Don't!


girlwithasword said…
I recently spent a weekend patching my jeans, because they have holes in them, but otherwise are perfectly servicable. I did this becuase I am cheap, and hate shopping, and have no money. Yet, now i get loads of comments on my cute "customized" jeans. who says we farmgirls aren't the height of fashion?! :)
Hey Clink, have you ever made and canned your own pumpkin pie filling? I baked the single pumpkin from our garden this year and it is not the dense-fleshed, sweet winter squash we have produced before (I recommend "Casper," a white variety!). This will obviously have to be used for baking only, not eating as a vegetable dish. So I thought it would be nice to do the sweetening and spicing now, then can it in pints for later use.
BlueGate said…
Yep, sounds just like my style. The wear on my jeans comes from hours of crawling around on my knees repairing the holes the #%$&&%* ground squirrels are chewing in the irrigation tape. We do not participate in $60 faux farm fashion jeans!! There's a reason "the genuine article" was a successful marketing campaign : P
clink said…
Michelle -- the USDA only recommends canning pumpkin in chunks in water like you do winter squash. They feel that squash and pumpkin is just too dense to get the temp consistent-- even in the pressure canner.

I freeze it -- I find it does get a little water-ery compared to Libby's but it works nicely.

The USDA frowns on canning pumpkin butter -- which I love!! I keep seeing people do it. I would love to but when I sell my jams and jellies -- I'm not willing to risk that type of libility.

Maggie -- you are going to have to post a pic of those jeans.

BlueGate --- your jeans sound like mine. Never a knee! They really sell jeans at $60??? Yea -- I'm also cheap and I also have no money.
Do you have a good pumpkin butter recipe? I know I saw one on Pioneer Woman. Made the pumpkin muffins from Farmgirl Fare, and they were so good (with our own dried cherries instead of raisins) that I'm not worried about finding a way to preserve pumpkin pie filling. I'll just put the puree in pint containers and freeze!
melanie said…
Anything polka dotted is a liability in our coop - the girls are convinced the dots are edible, and won't leave my feet alone. (Makes trips to the coop in my crocs very speedy, as my toes can't take much of that pecking through the holes...)
clink said…
Melanie -- isn't that funny?? My ducks used to try and eat the ladybugs off my clogs.

I don't have much trouble with the chickens --even in summer sandals. But I do have 1 or 2 cats that are enthralled with toes!! Nibble on them any chance they can get.

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