Frozen Noses and Icy Fingers!

So I have been absent from the world of bloggin' for a few days. It is November in Iowa and the weather is chillier and chillier each passing day.

My old farmhouse has no heat upstairs. Oh -- there is the heat that passes through one vent in the ceiling of the living room. But no warm air comes streaming out of a floor vent. So it can be cold............

My antique oak bed is dressed for winter with heated mattress pad, flannel sheets, wool blankets, down comforter and a coverlet. As the temperature drops, afghans and quilts may be thrown over the top. And my wool socks may stay on my chilly feet all night.

Actually, sleeping in the bedroom is good--after I open the stairway door and say "Brrrrrr!" I then race as fast as a 50+ year-old woman can run up the stairs! I jump immediately into the warm bed and I snuggle down deep into the covers. And I nestled up close to Honey, snoring in his left ear as Patches Ann (our calico cat) snores in his right ear.

But that doesn't help the blogging. My office where my computer and Four Legs live is also unheated. I wrap wool blankets and throws over me as I type. And my fingerless wool gloves are useful. But my nose gets cold and my coffee gets chilly so posts will become shorter.

It is hard to be witty and brilliant and funny when your nose is cold. I have a heater at my feet. It doesn't help my cold nose. I am certain there is a direct line from the tip of my frozen nose to my brain .... freezing all logical thought!!

I thought I could fool my brain into thinking warm thoughts. I painted the walls a warm sunny yellow to brighten the winter ............... it doesn't make the room seem any warmer. Just feels .... yellow. Its actually a Minneapolis-Moline color of yellow. So it kind of feels like an old tractor. On a cold day. It may be a bright sunny yellow -- but it doesn't want to crank over!!!!Poor Four Legs tries to cope in her own cold little world and bask in a little sun for warmth.
Maybe I will join her ........ after I warm my nose and get some hot coffee!


hiccupp said…
that's almost the color of my bedroom I think. :)

and it is cold. For instance, the backs of my hands are itchy/burning from coming in from unloading groceries with no gloves on. As I was doing this task, my freezing chapped appendages reminded me that although I've knit Zach a pair of mittens, Eddie a pair of fold over mittens, I have nothing for MY hands!! Unless you count the ONE fingerless glove I started 2 years ago?

I have scarves though, and scarves help :)
You're right, being cold stifles creativity. I think the body is conserving heat and shutting down non-essential function. I have fingerless gloves but forget to wear them....
jillwaukee said…
Oh, Four Legs! We love her so much! Isn't she beautiful? This breaks my heart. I miss her.

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