I am not worthy!

Last night, we joined our friends, Debbie and Jim at their good friends, Helen and Jon's for supper. What a wonderful evening of friendship, conversation, music and food! Even though Jon banned the discussion of politics through dinner!!!

First of all ......... Debbie and Jim have always raved about Helen's cooking and Jon's talents with wood. And we have hints of Helen's good food at wine club ........ but to dine at her table!! What a meal! Goat's milk brie, dates and grapes for appetizers. And a salad from greens from the garden. I love eating food fresh from the garden and Helen served roasted potatoes and tiny tender Brussels sprouts with salmon fillets. It was wonderful!

And after lively dinner conversation, Helen took Honey and I on a tour of the house and her art work. Helen has been painting for quite sometime and has been focusing more and more on watercolor. She has some beautiful paintings......... one of my favorites was a scene of bright yellow and orange California poppies dancing across a turquoise blue sky.

Then she presented the card above. It's our barn!!!! The entrance to the future fiber studio!! And I love it!

It was such a generous gift. And I'm getting it framed ASAP!

Thank you so much.


girlwithasword said…
oh my gosh that's beautiful! and the dinner sounds amazing!!!!

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