Invaded by Republicans............

I know -- you are going to tell me that the election is over. It is. For 98% of the country. Forty-nine states will not hear a thing about a presidential election until 2010.

But I live in Iowa ........... home of the caucus. And no one will ignore the caucuses for a while.

So while the rest of the country is celebrating an exciting time in American History......... First District Iowa has some new and familiar faces.

Mike Huckabee has never left. He loved Iowa in January so he stayed. He has been seen hauling corn at the co-op. Regular at Don's Pub -- drinking coffee, talking input prices and eating pork chop sandwiches.

Fred Thompson was seen at Del's the other day. A local said -- "Hey! Aren't you that guy on tv??"

Fred said, yes he was that guy. Local said -- "I just loved Hill Street Blues. Loved it when you said .... be careful out there.".

Thompson packed up his bags and was seen driving south on I-74 toward Tennessee.

Rudy Guiliani has been looking for the mayor's mansion in Davenport. He may not be America's mayor but he thinks Iowa's mayor may work. Mayor Gluba offered to sell him a house but so far, Rudy hasn't seen anything that suits him.

And finally, we were pretty certain that we saw the Palin brood the other day. After all, it is deer season and Iowa winters often resemble Alaska. We understand that the Palins are just like you and me and buy all their clothes at the local consignment shop and really like Joe Six-Pack (who ever he is???) So it came as no surprise when Todd and Sarah pitched a tent on the banks of the Wapsi. Just so that snowmobile of Todd's doesn't scare my chickens!

So for the next 3-1/2 years, the rest of the country is peaceful. But our phones still ring, our mailboxes are filled with literature and you can't eat a burger without shaking someone's political hand!!! And everyone wants to tell me what they will do to fix the country.

Yep, we need a new motto on our license plates. Iowa ..... where the election never ends.


Diane said…
Our election in Minnesota isn't over either--recount for Senate seat!
We owe the Iowa Democrats a lot of credit for making the Obama campaign a serious one early on.
Dan Mays said…
Take a deep breath, girls!

The chickens won't lay anymore eggs ... the weather will do what it is going to do ... our friends & sweeties will still love us ... no matter who is in office.

On the great scale of life, a pair of laser-striped socks will ultimatley be remembered more fondly than any politician.

"History has tried hard to teach us that we can't have good government under politicians. Now, to go and stick one at the very head of the government couldn't be wise."
~Mark Twain
clink said…
My dear friend Dan --- Ya can't reason with me! I'm a screamin' liberal Democrat. That happens to have some very nice Republican friends!!!

Let me celebrate my illusions of peace, wealth and tranquility for the moment. They will be quickly dashed!

Love the Mark Twain quote!


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