Miss Effie on the road and at home..........

Sounds like a title to a Bobbsey Twins book! How would I know?? I have a complete collection of first editions pictorial cover Bobbsey Twin books!! Don't ask why.

Ok -- Miss Effie has her bags packed and ready to hit the road with lots of information for those innocent people out there. First, let's do the home stuff!!

On December 13, I will be teaching a class on making homemade pizza here in the Miss Effie kitchen! No -- its not Chef Boy-ar-dee! We will be making a crust in the bread machine and a crust by hand. Recipes for the home-canned pizza sauce and the gourmet toppings will be available. And be sure to bring a bowl to take home your own pizza crust. Class starts at 9:30 and costs $15 per person. I do have a couple of opening left. Just drop me an e-mail.

On January 8, a home-school group is coming for a spinning adventure. This is a hands-on spinning event so young people can get a feel of the fleece and the ease (or difficulty) of making yarn. We also will be dying yarn with Kool-aid for future knitting projects.

If you have a group of young prople that would be interested in the dying process -- I do have some time available after the first of the year.

January 17 and 18th is "Be a tourist in your own backyard" weekend, sponsored by the Quad-Cities Visitors and Tourism Bureau. On Saturday, I will be speaking at the Davenport Freight House Farmers Market on buying local foods, their impact on the environment and how to get more local foods into your diet.

And finally, on February 28th I will be at the University of Illinois Nursery School at the I-Wireless Center in Moline. I will be teaching a class in making soup from home preserved foods. If you can't remember when you didn't open a can of Progresso -- this is the class for you! We will be making tomato soup, corn chowder and butternut squash soup. Easy, quick meals that help you stretch your food dollars and get more local foods into your diet.

And in other household news.............

Last night, we seemed to mis-place Fuzzy Butt. Fuzzy Butt came into the house a week or so ago because of a cold. She usually is right under foot or asleep on the couch. She was nowhere to be found.

Finally, Honey looked into the food bucket.
Yep! There is my little kitten -- the one with the long, un-kept hair. Fuzzy Butt always looks like a bad hair day!

How dare we disturb her!! Note the cat food stuck to her face!! Yep.......... its always something here at Miss Effie's.


BlueGate said…
Wow, I wish I lived closer and could take advantage of all your wonderful class offerings!
Glad you found your missing "foodie."

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