Miss Effie's Mail Bag............

You know --- I love my job! I get tired and sore and I hate the weeds........... and I hate having to clean the bathroom everyday for guests. But I love my job!

So now that my season is over, I just received some wonderful thank-you's from a young 4-H club. This is the Clover Kids group, these children range in age from 5 to 8. A little tough to keep focused and on task, but they definitely remembered the kittens!

Here are some of my favorites!This one is a little tougher to read.

Dear Miss Effie, Thank you for letting me hold the chickens, make and eat and drink cookies. I had a lot of fun!"

Eric is quite the artist. I think that's a 4-H clover.

And finally ................. this makes it all worthwhile.
Yea --- I love my job!


girlwithasword said…

yes, any job where you get love letters like that is worth the weeds, stress, and low pay. Having to clean the bathroom everyday thought - no fun!!!

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