Orange it great????

Youngest Daughter and I have always had differing opinions on color. She has great color sense --bright and bold but different than my love of sage and rose and coral. When she was a child, I dressed her in pink rosebud print........... play sets, dresses, nightgowns. She would out-grow one and I would buy another!

When she could express her opinion -- around 4!!!-- she made it known that she did not like pink rosebud print. She liked black. Lots of black. And if I was lucky, I could put hot pink, purple or teal with it. To this day -- she doesn't like pink.

Now -- she is a mom of a beautiful little girl. And I received a pink memo. No pink clothes. None. Youngest Daughter says she was over-dosed on pink. Hmmmmm?

So the above yarn is for a new hooded jacket for Addie. It is not pink. Not a trace.

You can see the cloud from which it was spun. Its vibrant and fun. And it is knitting up to be a beautiful jacket. The Debbie Bliss pattern is pictured below.
I'm making a few alterations on the pattern. I'm doing a seed stitch edging all around. I really don't care for the curled edges and that should eliminate that. And of course, being hand-spun, gauge and needles changed.

But just so Youngest Daughter doesn't think that I totally listen to her...........
Hot pink socks.................. after all, she needs something to go with pink rosebud print dresses!!!


Won't it be great cosmic irony and humor if Addie at four announces that she LOVES pink? hee!
clink said…
I think so, too Michelle!!!

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