To Market , to market..................

I am so NOT a mall rat. I have not shopped at a Walmart for over 15 years. I rarely walk into Target. And I have no idea what Victoria is keeping as a secret.

But I love to shop the market. And I am soooo thrilled that the city of Davenport has worked so hard at creating an indoor farmer's market. The Freight House Farmer's market (the indoor version) opened Nov. 1. And now, with the floors newly finished, vendors are setting up permanent booths.

So I'm going to give you a quick tour of some of the vendors. And lots of reason why YOU should be stopping by every Saturday to shop.

The above booth belongs to my dear friend, Bubbles. Bubbles created "Full Circle Soaps". She hand-crafts soaps, lotions, perfumes and bath salts. She has a couple of signature scents that are really popular -- My personal favorite is Sweet Mother Earth but my friend Marcia loves Margerita. I can't wait to see her booth after she finished fluffing! Bubbles has great style!!!

Next, ya got to meet the guys at Nostalgia Farms. I have talked about Ed and Joe before. These guys are marketers extrodinarie' . First of all, their produce is raised naturally -- no chemicals, no hormones, no pesticides. They sell poultry, eggs, lettuces, heritage turkeys, awesome early strawberries (love em'!!!) and great green beans.

But this time of year, Joe is busy in the kitchen with jams and jellies and baking like crazy!!! They also do craft items like marking stones for the garden and sell angora fleece from their bunnies. Guess what I have to spin??????

Joe has some really great jams for sale............ yea, I'm plugging the competitor!!! If you can't see it in your heart to buy Miss Effie's awesome jams......... buy Joe's!!! Fresh, local and made with care that Welch's just doesn't have!! He does pumpkin butter and one I have never tried, Pear cardommon. Doesn't that sound perfect on a slice of toast????

Speaking of toast -- look at all those breads next to Ed in the picture above. Yummmmm!

Ok -- Ya gotta meet my friend Greenhouse Gwen. Check out her site on the blog roll. During the spring, her booth is filled with bedding plants, hanging baskets and perennials. In summer she brings some of the freshest produce around. She specializes on awesome peppers. Green peppers, red peppers, sweet peppers and hot peppers (sounds like a Dr. Suess book, don't you think??) But in the winter......... Gwen fills her booth with yummy baked goods.
Pretzels and cinnamon rolls and ciabottia bread. And if all of these great baked items are putting on the pounds -- try her triple chocolate kisses. A low calorie chocolate delight.

And finally -- what would the market be without Honey buying some honey???
Yep -- as Phil told Honey, "your wife is talking. It will be a while!!" They know me all too well!!
Phil is our honey man. Crandalls honey for Honey's morning hot cereal and my homemade granola.

The Freight House Farmer's Market has lots of other vendors. Beef and pork, artisian cheeses and wines, flowers and salsas and beads and baubles. So toss away your big box store and go Local!! Experience shopping at its best. Go somewhere where everyone knows your name.


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