What I am most grateful for..............

Honey. I am grateful for my Honey.

A little over a year ago -- my dear sweet Honey suffered a massive heart attack in the artery, commonly known as "The widow maker". This ........... after being diagnosed 4 years earlier with lung cancer.

There was significant damage done to his heart. His ejection fraction was 30% when a normal heart runs 50-55%. We were both terrified..... ok -- I was lost, terrified, frightened and scared to death!!!

There was damage to his heart but not his spirit. He went into cardiac re-hab with the fight and determination to be strong and healthy again. He walked -- he watched his diet --he took his medication -- he meditated and he prayed.

I grilled every nutritionist west of the Mississippi!!! How do I get the sodium out of his diet??? The doctors suggested 1500-2000 milligrams a day ---- the average American gets over 4500 mgs a day!!!! So I threw out anything that came in a can or a box or had even a glimpse of being processed! I bake bread -- eat nothing but dried beans, fresh veggies or home-canned or frozen products. We eat fresh cheeses and cheese from small artisian makers to control the sodium.

There were (are!!) times the diet and bills were overwhelming to me. I remember the first time I went to make tacos and I cried! But now -- mixing my own taco seasoning, soaking the beans and using homemade yogurt for sour cream come so naturally.

Today -- Honey is healthy. His ejection fraction was measured at 61%. I had two nurses repeat that 2 times so it would sink in!! (61% is better than 50%, right?????)

At the moment -- he is outside with his spade and chain saw, cutting out a stump. Not bad for a man with a bionic eye, a mended heart and 1/3 of a lung missing.

Yea -- I am grateful for Honey.

Honey -- I love you....... always and a day.


girlwithasword said…
that is a sweet and amazing love story. I think you two are completely lucky to have each other!
And well you should be (thankful for Honey)! And he should be thankful for you. My mom is a dietitian and finds so few are willing to make the drastic eating and lifestyle changes necessary to reverse (yes, REVERSE) heart disease or control diabetes. You two are a marvelous exception. Happy Thanksgiving!
hiccupp said…
oh my word, that is just AMAZING to me. Not only what the human body can do (for or against us) but what changes in our lives can make ENORMOUS differences in outcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Carol said…
I love to read your blog! You write like you talk and what a sweet remembrance to write about Honey and your journey! Keep writing - it gives me a sense of what is going on in Donahue!
clink said…
Carol!! How are you? And how was Thanksgiving in Budapest??

For all the rest of you, Carol retired from nursing and she and her husband packed their bags and moved from rural Iowa to Budapest to serve God. Can't get a better retirement program than that!!!!

Check out Sheepie Neighbor's blog for the latest in NSP police blog -- it is so funny!

And thank you all for the kind notes -- I married the most amazing man. I am very blessed.

Corinne R. said…
I am happy that you take such good care of Honey, he is uber adorable.

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