What I am thankful for................

Winter picnics with Honey.

Seriously, winter picnics on the floor in front of the stove are wonderful! No insects -- no breeze to toss your napkins --- no noisy music that I didn't select! But most importantly, the best company I could ever have!

Last night we needed to re-charge the batteries. So home-made pizza and a couple of good beers just did the job.

I love making pizza ....... last night it was a whole wheat crust with Italian seasoning kneaded into the dough. Then a little sausage, mushrooms and black olives --topped with good cheese. Very basic but oh! so good!!! Some days, I make more of a gourmet pizza. Like three types of mushrooms roasted with garlic and olive oil. Yummmm.

And a note to Girlwithasword -- if you like stout --try Mackeson's Triple XXX. It is a milk stout --very very smooth -- great with pizza! But what micro-brew isn't???


hiccupp said…
I'm tempted to photoshop my picture onto 'honey' and then save this as my desktop.

pretend that I'm eating homemade pizza in front of a toasty fire.

ok I'm not much for mushrooms and olives, but I could pick them off. ;)
girlwithasword said…
i LOVE stout. Where would I find that microbrew you speak of?!? Must try!!

We are on *exactly* the same wavelenght as you. Our dinner tonight is a pizza "carpet picnic"!! Homemade crust (whole wheat with basil and oregano from our garden). Fresh homemade mozzarella and "gravy" (sauce). We bought portabello mushrooms and dried tomatoes at the farmer's market yesterday - sauteed in a bit of local organic garlic and onions, that is our topping. NOM NOM. Don't you wish we lived closer together? I bet we'd have a blast cooking for each other....
clink said…
Girlfriend! We have got to hang out sometime!! Next year, you have got to come to Octoberfest!!

Do you make your own mozzarella? We have trouble finding fresh most of the time. Occasionally, Hy-vee carries it but most of the time -- its not so fresh!!!

OK -- the high end Hy-vee's have it -- but not in my neighborhood!!!! I'm kind of low-rent area!!!!
girlwithasword said…
yep, i make my own! It's really quite easy. I'd love to take a class on cheesmaking - i'm just doing it by trial and error right now, but it sure is fun. and I have yet to make something that was inedible. And my dogs LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the leftover whey. they just sit patiently near the kitchen and drool while i make cheese.
clink said…
OK -- You have got to email rough instructions. What a savings for me! Honey shouldn't eat too much processed cheese --fresh is fine.

So drop me a line. In the meantime -- I'll google.
Tammy said…
I think you have the exact same wood stove as I do! Nice picture, and looks like a nice way to recharge your batteries.

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