Checkin' the list..........

And boy, things sure look nice!!! I got 6 projects crossed off my list today! YEA!! One of them was to clean and organize my "Oh-so-Martha" cabinet. Honey built this cabinet for me a few years ago to store herbs and spices and dried goods. Dried good storage continues to be a problem but that's not his fault. It's his darling wife who insists that you just can't cook without 9 different flours in the house!

So ........ off the list today.

1) Wash the front of the cupboards.
2) Wash and press kitchen curtains.
3) Clean under the sink ........... I HATE that job! And why do the few plastic bags I get multiply like rabbits???
4) Clean and organize the Oh-so-Martha cabinet
5) Clean and organize the open shelf cabinet
6) Clean the oven. OK OK -- all I have to do is basically turn it on. But I did during low-cost electricity hours and I did wipe everything out sparkling clean! So there!!!

Six things down ........... 10 things to go. At this very moment. Ya know the list is going to get a lot longer before it gets shorter!

Ok -- quick primer for my non-knitting-obsessed friends.
See the pattern that is developing in the socks? That is from space-dying the yarn. The pattern just falls into place. The big thing you want to do to have perfectly matching socks is to start both socks at exactly the same spot on the skein. On these --- I started the socks between the red part and the green and white part. Exactly. And even though -- I only have a little more than an inch on the second sock done -- perfect match.

Cool, huh??? It makes you look like a knitting genius but it is all in the yarn. But thanks for giving me the credit!!

Wait till you see what this yarn does.


girlwithasword said…
YOU HAVE MY DREAM CABINET! Okay, my "dream" cabinet it stocked with antique glass apothecary jars, and fills a whole wall (or possibly a very large well-lit pantry) but otherwise looks just the same. HOW GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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